LECHEROUS NOCTURNE “Behold The Almighty Doctrine”

“Behold Almighty Doctrine”
(Unique Leader)
This can’t be anything but death metal. With that in mind I’ll gladly take this on. My doctor has ordered me to at least divulge one death metal act a week and if possible even more than that. So I really hope that LECHEROUS NOCTURNE is what the doctor prescribed. I like the fact that labels like Unique Leader or Sevared still keep the banner of extreme death metal flying high. Not all can be Walmart accessible. We need stuff that sticks out like a really sore thumb. This is the kind of death metal that should be played on a really cool sound system and not through some computer speakers to do this justice. This is death metal for all those of us who like Incantation but can’t wait for them to release a new album. Anders Ekdahl

LUNA AD NOCTUM “Hypnotic Inferno”

“Hypnotic Inferno”
Today it is enough to just say Polish extreme metal and you know that you’ll be in for a really awesome ride. I have no doubts whatsoever that LUNA AD NOCTUM will blow my socks off. I have the fullest confidence in their capability to be another really awesome Polish metal act. For some reason I can hear all sorts of reference points when I listen to this album yet I can’t put any names to those points. That bugs the hell out of me. What I do know is that this is black metal on the more “bigger than life” side of things. There is a symphonic feel to it that could be a Dimmu Borgir reference but there is also a more groovy side of things that could be a Satyricon reference. Then you get a full on blast that might even make you thing Behemoth style death metal. That I like this I don’t doubt. There is a charm to it that makes it hard to resist. Anders Ekdahl


“Requiem For Us All”
I might be strange but there are certain labels that I try to follow slavishly. I buy whatever they release even if I don’t know what it is that I buy. And then there are labels that I’m very cautious of. Pavement haven’t exactly supplied me with a massive catalogue of great metal albums. But perhaps MODERN AGE SLAVERY will be the act that tips the scale. I’m not going to compare this to Malevolent Creation simply because they too used to be on Pavement but this is death metal in that school. Raw and going for the throat kind of death metal that gets your blood pumping like there is no tomorrow. The kind of death metal that leaves nobody behind, dead or alive. The kind that you really gotta love if you want to call yourself a deathhead. Anders Ekdahl


Another act that I have no idea what to expect from. You could read the press release but describing music with words is an awkward business. We all come with our on luggage and from that we build our expectations. When I see this band’s name I get visions of everything from doom to death metal. And I want to call this death metal too but as I listen to it I’m not so sure that that’s the whole truth behind this album. I also get a 70s groove thing feel when I listen to this. If you could imagine Monster Magnet joining forces with My Dying Bride and then go on a rampant rump through the metal spectra then you might get a picture of what this album could be like. As I’ve stopped making sense of what a band sounds like and just go for the gut feeling I’ve come to the conclusion that I like this. Anders Ekdahl


This is another band that I haven’t bothered checking out. I have no real reason for it other than pure laziness. But as they say it is never too late to teach old dogs new tricks. So I’ll give this one a try to see if it is something that might appeal to me. Finnish melodic death metal anybody? Just as I thought. You too are hungry for some OMNIUM GATHERUM. As always when I’ve neglected to keep tap on a band I end up regretting it when I finally get round to hearing the music. This band I should have checked out a long time ago. Simply because they play a death metal that I have a soft spot for (as with almost any metal). If death metal can be beautiful then this is. And I like it for that. Anders Ekdahl

OV HOLLOWNESS “The World Ends”

“The World Ends”
I like the fact that black metal isn’t just one thing. You can always discuss what is true and not true but in the end what matters is if the music is any good. In my book black metal can be anything and nothing. It is all up to how you like to see things. I somehow imagine that Canada would be a great place for black metal. The contrast between urban and the open landscapes would be a great place to create some of the most beautiful and atmospheric black metal the world ever seen. OV HOLLOWNESS are black metal in the more atmospheric end of the spectra without it going into ambient territory. If you could imagine how Bathory would have sounded had he not gone all Viking on us then you might get a feel for the grandeur that is “The World Ends”. Not that it is any way similar musically. It is just the feeling I get listening to this album. Anders Ekdahl

ULVEHARR “Swords Of Midgard”

“Swords Of Midgard”
I’m a huge fan of the Viking era of Bathory. I cannot get enough of those albums and I play them over and over again. I don’t know if I’ll play ULVEDHARR’s album over and over again but I do hope that I’ll be taken on a journey far back in time when I listen to this album. Don’t ask me to label this pagan, heathen or folk. Or even Viking. I can’t tell them all apart. I’ll just settle for calling this metal with a Norse feeling lyrically and song title wise. But I do get a kind of thrash feel to the music and that alone makes for a welcomed surprise. Not knowing anything about this band and not having any preconceived notion of what to expect this turned out so much more fun than I thought at first. I might not spin it as often as my Bathory albums but I will surely play it over and over again. Anders Ekdahl

VADIKAN “Hydragyrum”

It might seem boring or that I’m one track minded but ever since I got to know about Iron Maiden and Saxon I’ve been more interested in finding the next big thrill that to stay with one or two bands for the rest of my life. Hence my love for discovering bands like VADIKAN. Not speaking a single word Russian I have no idea what this band is singing about but I do like the ring to it. There is something beautiful (that word again) to the Russian language when it is not screamed at you by the police of military. Musically this could be labelled goth metal if you think wide and not limit yourself to one or two bands. If you do so you will find that this is a more than decent album by a band that deserves your attention. So stop reading and go and check out bands that you wouldn’t normally get to hear about. Anders Ekdahl

VALLORCH “Neverfade”

I am not a bit fan of images but I would be lying if I said that I don’t find a certain charm in seeing bands dress up in costumes for photo shots. There is something cool to bands that take it one step further. VALLORCH might look like the long lost cousins to the Finnish war metal bands but as with anything no single culture has the definitive right to a look. I don’t know what ii is about the Celts that is so fascinating or where the fascination comes from (Asterix & Obelix perhaps?) but whenever I hear any traces of what could be Celtic music (be it Within Temptation or Skyclad or Thin Lizzy) I instantly like it. Which is why I had high hopes on this band just from seeing the promo shots. And they didn’t disappoint me musically either. So if you like your metal with a kind of war anthemic touch to it you should check out this band. I promise you that you won’t be too disappointed. Anders Ekdahl

Bush – “Live!”

Bush – “Live!” DVD / Blu-ray (earMusic)

With over 16 million albums sold in their time, Bush remain one of the most successful 90s indie rock bands and many ways set the blueprint for today’s emo scene with their use of heavy melancholic melodies amidst a passionate guitar driven sound. Still fronted by animated front man Gavin Rossdale (who during Bush’s hiatus acted as ‘Balthazar’ in the film “Constantine”), this is a long overdue live DVD that not only captures Bush’s best songs like ‘Little Things’, ‘Machinehead’ and ‘Greedy Fly’ but also the intimacy and most of all, love, between the band and their fans. Although older, the band look good being toned and tanned and it’s clearly reflected when Rossdale sings ‘..there’s no sex in your violence..’ during ‘Everything Zen’ and a line of hot lookin milfs (including one with a baby) got nuts and virtually claw him offstage lol! If that wasn’t enough the feel good factor is multiplied even further during his laid back balcony walk, stopping to sing to crowd members whose beaming smiles, tears and affectionate touches say it all about a band that was never forgotten by their fans. Definitely one of the most moving performances I’ve witnessed in a long time. The Roseland Theatre in Portland OR was a perfect choice for the filming which itself deserves a commendation in sparing no expense for its multiple camera angles, zoom and pan shots as well as giving plenty of views of the crowd, who along with the band are comfortable enough to fully participate in the cine experience that is accurately conveyed to the home viewer. With a crystal clear sound and matching note perfection from the band themselves this DVD sets a live standard that is on par with Bush’s legacy – little wonder they didn’t need a big light show or any stage effects! Chuck in the bonus tape.tv unplugged performances and music videos totaling 22 tracks and this is an absolute must have as Bush look set to take on the world again!