INFECTED FLESH “Contatenation Of Severe infections ”

“Contatenation Of Severe infections ”
Spanish death metal is something that I come upon every once in a while and have so since the 90s. I’m no expert on the subject but the stuff that I’ve heard has for most of the part been good. There have been some lesser worthy bands but hey, you find these bands everywhere. INFECTED FLESH seem like an exciting act to me. This is death metal from the book of Cannibal Corpse. This is death metal that have all to than CC for. This is death metal that has turned up the gore-o-meter to twelve. If you are easily offended or have a weak stomach you are well advised to stay clear of this album. If you like your death metal as gory as possible then by all means dive head first into the pus infested album that this is. Anders Ekdahl

IVALYS “Lumen”

At times I feel that some labels are being a bit too one track minded. It is like they find one type of band and just keep going in that direction. I know that Wormholedeath have other kind of acts in their catalogue but they do seem to have an awful lot of female fronted bands. Not that I mind or. I simply love it. I for one am for more women in metal, as in any other walk of life. I also can’t seem to get enough of the kind of metal that IVALYS play; the kind of goth metal that isn’t really just one or the other thing. There is an edge to this that isn’t neatly arranged. I get a feeling of prog metal being crossed with goth metal to make IVALYS stand out enough for them to not drown in the vast sea that is metal. Another one to add the list of good metal albums. Anders Ekdahl

KING BONG “Space Shanties”

“Space Shanties”
I’m sorry but I can’t take this band name seriously; KING BONG!!! Hopefully the music will be of a different kind than the name suggests. I can’t state it enough; I love discovering new bands. That to me is the whole point of being into metal (music). Why stick with the same old tired socks? Instrumental stoner might on paper seem like a win or lose situation. I guess if anything instrumental should work it should be stoner. Without the vocals you can explore the transcendental side of the music even further. I don’t do drugs. I don’t even drink excessive amounts of beer or liquor. I don’t really need that stuff to trip. I can do that just as well with the help of some pretty cool music. And this album helps me take a trip to a different place. Anders Ekdahl


“To The Death”
(GreyHaze Records)
I love Brazilian metal. I love the fact that for most part of the time they don’t give a fuck about trends and other people’s opinions. I love the fact that it feels so far removed from fake and glued on smiles and that it is all about the metal. At least it was in the 80s when I got into it. This is to me a trip back to a time when you didn’t really think too much about whether it was this or that. You just rejoiced in the fact that it was extreme. Call this death, thrash or whatever. The fact remains that this is some pretty cool stuff. I get a 90s death metal feel when I listen to this album. So much that I feel and urge to go look for album from that decade just to get another fix of great extreme metal. Anders Ekdahl

PREHISTORIC PIGS “Wormhole Generator”

“Wormhole Generator”
The first time I saw the band name I thought it was some sort of Primus/The President Of The USA kind of “fun” band. Why else would you name you band PREHISTORIC PIGS? But now I’m not too sure about that anymore. This might just as well be as serious as any other band. This is another Italian stoner band without a vocalist. I gotta say that I’m coming round to this whole idea of instrumental metal. Vocals might always be the way to go. It requires more from you as a listener when there are no vocals to rest your ears on. This requires that you are sharp and pay attention otherwise you’ll miss out on what’s going on. I think I’ll spin this one more time to see if I discover some more cool things. Anders Ekdahl

SINDULGENCE “Recollections”

OK now we are talking. Another band from South Africa. I love the fact that I get to know of more and more bands from all over the world. The whole continent of Africa (from north to south) isn’t just about poverty and wars. There are countries that are as stable as any other and that have a metal scene to speak of. I thought that this was going to be thrash metal in the not so melodic school, the one that doesn’t draw an awfully lot from classic heavy metal but I have to say that this is more akin to death metal than anything else. Not that I’m disappointed. I like this just as much no matter what it is. There is a melodic side to this that avoids being melodeath full on. I like that. It gives the music an edge. Anders Ekdahl

TALISMAN STONE “Lovecraftopolis”

This might just be a strange coincidence but after having heard none Italian bands with two bass players I know have heard two; Riti Occulti and TALISMAN STONE. I have no problem with there being no guitar. What matters in the end is if the music is good and if the songs are worth spending time on. Everything else is almost secondary. I like bands that question the traditional way of doing things. Who says that guitar, bass and drums is the right way to go. Why not try something different to see if that can’t work too. It just takes some getting used to. And where else but in stoner does a guitar-less ensemble seem like a good idea. Musically this is on the heavier side of things. Almost doomy you could say. As I’m a huge doom-head this suits me just fine. See me bop my head in approval. Anders Ekdahl

THRONE “Avoid The Light”

“Avoid The Light”
I might not be the biggest connoisseur of sludge but the stuff that I have heard that has been classified as that has been to my liking. There is something to bands like Deviated Instinct that I find appealing. The whole dirty, almost punkish sound mixed with a tempo that would make a turtle seem fast is something that I can take to heart. THRONE are monotonous and heavy in a dirty kind of way. This isn’t party or music that you put on to seduce your significant other. This is the kind of stuff you listen to in your solitude when things seem too heavy to handle. This is the kind of stuff that you listen to when you want to cleanse your soul from all the rubbish of everyday life. This is the dark side of the metal moon. Anders Ekdahl

VEX “Memorious”

VEX is a Texan band of the extreme kind. Did you expect anything else from the great state of Texas were everything is large, even the extreme metal bands. The stuff that I’ve heard coming from Texas has so far all been great. I see no reason why it would change with VEX. Not having heard anything by VEX before this is like my initiation into what is so great about this band. I have to say that if didn’t start that impressive. I had kind of been expecting to be blown away completely but it all started in a very controlled manner. But the more I listened the more I got into the groove. There is an epic touch to this that I had to find to fully appreciate this album. Now that I have found it I can appreciate this album to its fullest. Anders Ekdahl

VORUM “Poisoned Void”

“Poisoned Void”
(Woodcut/Dark Descent)
Oh no, not another Finnish band. Will it never end? Joke aside I love the Finnish metal scene. There seem to be so many cool bands yet to discover. I’ve only read great things about VORUM. With that in mind it will be my pleasure to unwrap this to see what it really is all about. It is when I get sent albums like this that I’m reminded how much I dislike digital files. This album should be played on a proper sound system and not on some crappy media player in a computer. The bitterness apart this is death metal that is both old school and contemporary. Don’t know how “Finnish” it is though. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a sucker for the Autopsy/Nihilist/Entombed kind of death metal that the 80s brought with it. Anything slightly resembling that stuff gets my blood pumping. This was just what the hype promised it would be. Anders Ekdahl