Moab – TROUGH – All Automatons

LA psych doom trio MOAB has revealed another new song today from their forthcoming, 3rd full-length album, Trough, that’s due out on October 19th with Falling Dome Records. Partnering with, the band has released a stream for the epic doom jam “All Automatons.”

“All Automatons is a song we’ve been playing live for years but had never recorded until now. It’s one of our favorites to perform, usually gets the audience going. Getting that live feel on the album was the goal and I think we achieved it. We’re stoked with the way it turned out.” – Andrew Giacumakis

Digital –
Vinyl –

The band’s new single, follows their previously released tracks “Into The Sea Swine” and “Skeptics Lament.”

Trough is a record steeped in loss with the passing of drummer Erik Herzog mid-way through its production. A gifted musician and founding member of the band, his untimely passing had the band considering retirement. But with encouragement from family and friends to finish the album and let Erik’s final work be heard, the band refocused and committed to the album’s completion. Remaining band members Andrew Giacumakis and Joe Fuentes, joined by Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) filling the void on drums, are set to play select shows in support of the album’s release.

Amigo The Devil – Cocaine and Abel

A key figure in the US ‘Murder Folk’ scene that also includes contemporaries such as The Devil Makes
Three and The Dead South, the music of singer-songwriter Amigo The Devil is a unique blend of Folk
that also incorporates elements of Southern Gothic, Country and Bluegrass. Initially influenced by the
likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, the artist born as Danny Kiranos
has a recognised sound that carries traces of US artists such as Americana string band Old Crow
Medicine Show and singer-songwriters William Elliott Whitmore and Josh T Pearson, allied with direct,
often morbid lyrics shot through with a dark sense of humour.

Following a number of well received single and EP releases, the debut album by Amigo The Devil,
entitled ‘Everything Is Fine’, has been produced by Ross Robinson, renowned for his work with major
league hard rock/metal acts (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot) but here bringing a warmth and presence to a
musically varied set of songs that reveal more with each play.

A first taste of ‘Everything Is Fine’ has just been made available in the shape of the confessional ballad
‘Cocaine And Abel’, which has stunned all who have heard it. Finger-picked acoustic guitar, piano and
a sympathetic, sparing string arrangement underpin a song described by the Everything Is Noise site
as “a contrite and regretful man bares his soul by recounting his bad decisions, evil acts, self-doubt and
fears. It’s one of the most powerful songs that I have heard all year.”

The first radio single from the album, ‘Everyone Gets Left Behind’, is a propulsive rabble-rousing tune
of which Kiranos states: “the core of the song is easy – growing up was a mistake. I wanted it to be a
modern day ‘memento mori’ type deal where everyone should remember their mortality, their youth,
their whatever the middle part is. Tracking this song in itself was such a blast that I almost forgot what
a grumpy bastard I can be sometimes.” The song is one of several on the album to feature Brad Wilk,
the drummer, actor and activist well known for his tenure in Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and
(currently) Prophets Of Rage.

As for working with Robinson and Wilk, Kiranos explains that “Ross allowed me to become and guided
me towards being the best vessel I could be to filter these stories through. We sat there and accepted
what wanted to come through, what wanted to be heard. It was the first process of recording that ever
made complete sense with absolutely no filter or veil to compensate for the sounds. Recording in a
studio untouched since the 70’s with all the original gear, straight to tape. Everything, recording, mixing,
mastering, to tape! It was absolute and pure brutal honesty, what I’ve been trying to achieve since the
start of this thing. Then Brad added his pulse to it and it felt like together we had given life to these
stories that otherwise are sounds and lyrics filling space. Everyone involved dove head first into a pool
without water for this one and I’m unbelievably grateful to be in there with them.”

Elaborating further, he says: “I got my start in heavy music playing in and listening to the genre across
the board; from grind to noise, thrash, hardcore…if it was heavy I was happy. Even my first tours as
Amigo The Devil were with heavy bands and hopping onto festivals. Metal, in general, has always been
a kind genre to me and a huge inspiration for this project in general so when I got offered the chance to
work with someone that revolutionised it time and time again, it was a no brainer. I wanted fire on this
record and I wanted someone who wasn’t scared to burn the whole fucking thing down just to get a little
spark. A lot of people miss the fact that a lot of the heaviest music out there isn’t because of the tones or
tempo, it’s because of the truth and rage behind it. Ross knows how to get that out of people.”

Kiranos has amassed a sizeable following in the UK and will tour for the first time as Amigo The Devil
in December. Despite being armed with only his voice and a banjo/acoustic guitar, his live show is a
world away from what might be expected of a typical ‘folk’ show. Loaded with sing-alongs and a heavy
dose of humour, the set helps to make otherwise grim topics accessible for fans of all genres. If you
happen to hear a roomful of people yelling ‘I hope your husband dies’ in some harmoniously sloppy
drunken unison, then you have probably stumbled into an Amigo The Devil show.

Erja Lyytinen – Another World

To dovetail her upcoming UK tour that kicks off on Tuesday November 6th at London’s Borderline, European Blues Award winner Erja Lyytinen is pleased to announce the Friday 5th October release of her new single “Another World”. Self-released on Erja’s own label, Tuohi Records, it’s the second single, following “Without You”, taken from her upcoming new studio album that will be released in early 2019.  Order the song from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Google Play via this link –

The song describes a fictional love story in a parallel universe. Written and composed by Erja Lyytinen herself, the song was recorded in Finland, mixed by Chris Bell in Austin, Texas, and mastered by Gavin Lurssen in Los Angeles.

The new single will be accompanied by an amazing music video to be released on Friday 5th October.

The video was made by Darknoise Productions, who have also worked with Erja on her previous music videos (“Stolen Hearts” and “24 Angels”). Lost in the world of dystopia a woman is imagining living her perfect life on another planet. There is a parallel universe free of pollution and darkness, a fantasy world that has not been damaged by modern technology, but has beauty, love and nature.

“The song has a lot of meanings,” says Erja. “First of all, it is a love story. It´s a dream about loving somebody in another dimension, because it´s not possible in this world. I have always loved sci-fi movies, so I wanted to add something extraterrestrial and supernatural to the video, too.  Also, it is pointing at how important it is for us to be aware of environmental aspects. Do we need to find another planet someday to be able to breathe? All this has been wrapped together by these two worlds happening at the same time, and how in the end it is important that we as lovers, and as a human race, could survive.”

Erja continues: “We added big guitars on the track and it has a guitar solo inspired of blues rock – guitarists such as Eric Gales and Jimi Hendrix. The melodic 80´s rock music was also a source of inspiration while writing the song. Heart is one of my all-time favourite rock bands, and when performing their hit song “Alone” on Stars Stars on National TV last year, it kind of brought me back to that music style.”


London, Borderline Tuesday 6 November
Bridgwater, Bar Brunel Wednesday 7 November
Wolverhampton, Robin 2 Thursday 8 November
Darlington, R&B Club Friday 9 November
Bude, Blues Festival Sunday 11 November
London, 100 Club Supporting “Focus” (Sold Out) Saturday 10 November

RED FANG – 2nd US Tour

Portland, OR rockers RED FANG announce the second leg of their US headlining tour dates at the end of the year. The brief tour begins December 12nd in Eugene, OR and ends December 15 in Bellingham, WA. Support will be provided by R.I.P. on all four dates. The tour rounds up RED FANG’s Winter 2018 tour dates featuring additional select support by Thunderpussy, Telekinetic Yeti, Wizard Rifle and Gaythiest. All confirmed tour dates are available below.

Tickets are on sale Friday, October 5th @ 10am local time at

Additionally, RED FANG have shared a cover of the 1978 cult hit “Listen to the Sirens” originally performed by Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army. Watch the official music video directed by Ray Gordon and all streaming services .

The music video which is a departure from RED FANG’s usual antics, showcases the band playing the song in their rehearsal place while taking in the sites and sounds of their hometown, Portland.

Stream and follow RED FANG’s new This Is Red Fang playlist on Spotify, featuring songs throughout the band’s entire discography, .

Red Fang Tour Dates:

Oct 06 Atlanta, GA @ Slaughter Que 2018 (w/ ASG)

— All Dates Nov 29 – Dec 08 w/ Telekinetic Yeti —

Nov 29 San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel
Nov 30 Los Angeles, CA @ Roxy Theatre
Dec 01 Pioneertown, CA @ Pappy & Harriets
Dec 02 Tustin, CA @ Marty’s On Newport
Dec 03 Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
Dec 05 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
Dec 06 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
Dec 07 Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Lounge
Dec 08 Boise, ID @ The Olympic

— All Dates Dec 12 – 15 w/ R.I.P. —

Dec 12 Eugene, OR @ HiFi Music Hall
Dec 13 Bend, OR @ Domino Room
Dec 14 Tacoma, WA @ Alma Mater
Dec 15 Bellingham, WA @ Wild Buffalo

Dec 28 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom (w/ Thunderpussy & Gaythiest)
Dec 29 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom (w/ R.I.P. & Wizard Rifle)
Dec 31 Seattle, WA @ The Showbox (w/ Thunderpussy)


On the heels of their massive, sprawling ‘Permian,’ The Ocean Collective is unleashing another piece of their highly anticipated upcoming album: ‘Devonian: Nascent’ makes its debut today

Proving again why they are one of the most respected groups in the contemporary prog-metal world, ‘Devonian’ takes a completely different turn than their previous single, in part due to the vocals of Jonas Renkse, of Swedish metal giants Katatonia. The collaboration has long been in the making, explains Renkse: “Robin approached me for a guest spot already in 2005, and I really wanted to be part, but at that time we were in the studio ourselves recording ‘The Great Cold Distance’ so I felt I had too much on my mind. We have met after that and talked a little about doing something and now it finally happened. ‘Devonian: Nascent’ became a mammoth track without ever losing its initial melancholy.”

Adds THE OCEAN mastermind, Robin Staps, “We sent Jonas the track, and what we got back as a “demo” was almost identical with what ended up as the final version on the record. Jonas has a perfect and intuitive understanding of our music, there was no need to explain anything. He came up with his own vocal parts and lyrics, and everything just fit perfectly from the start. Katatonia’s ‘The Great Cold Distance’ was an important album for me and for The Ocean, it was one of the first albums where heavy, low-tuned guitars and clean vocals next to one another were actually working out for me, personally. It was an album that made me reconsider my opinion about clean vocals in metal, and that forged my own desire to look for a vocalist for The Ocean who could also deliver cleans.”

Ebbs and flows of proggy melodies, crushing guitars, swelling strings and powerful vocals match the heavy lyrical themes The Ocean Collective has made its signature. ‘Phanerozoic I’ is now available for pre-order, along with meticulously designed merch bundles, something for which they’ve become known, and will be released November 2 via Metal Blade Records (CD / digital) and the band’s own Pelagic Records (vinyl). Pre-order now via Metal Blade Records:

More on The Ocean Collective:

Since 2001, the Berlin-based musician collective The Ocean Collective have released 7 critically acclaimed studio albums, and a split EP with Japanese post-rock legends Mono. With an ever-changing lineup of various on- and off-stage musicians and visual artists, the relentlessly touring group have become well known for their immense, mind-expanding live shows, which they have carried into the most remote corners of the globe, from Siberian squats to colonial theatres in Ecuador.

Over the course of their storied career, The Ocean Collective have toured with Opeth, Mastodon, Mono, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Anathema, Between The Buried And Me and Devin Townsend, and have appeared on major festivals including Roskilde, Dour, Pukkelpop, Roadburn, Wacken, With Full Force, Summer Slaughter, Summer Breeze and Graspop. The band’s own Pelagic Records has also become one of Europe’s leading labels for post-rock and post-metal, with a catalog of 120 releases since 2009.

After 5 years of touring on Pelagial, the band started recording their 8th studio album in February 2018, split into two volumes to be separately released in 2018 and 2020 respectively, titled Phanerozoic. The Phanerozoic eon succeeded the Precambrian supereon, spanning a 500 million-year period leading to the present day, and it has witnessed the evolution and diversification of plant and animal life on Earth, and the partial destruction of it during 5 mass extinction events. Conceptually and musically, The Ocean Collective’s Phanerozoic is the missing link between the albums Precambrian and Heliocentric / Anthropocentric.

Guitarist and primary songwriter Robin Staps penned Phanerozoic as he did its predecessors, in seclusion in a house by the ocean. The first volume of the double album Phanerozoic is made up of bleak and heavy songs, boiled down to the essential core of the musical ideas driving them. With analog synths merging with the heavy guitars, the addition of Peter Voigtmann to the band’s ranks has made a marked difference. After years of handling the spectacular lighting design at The Ocean Collective’s live shows, essentially “playing drums on the lighting console every night” as Staps puts it, he now brings a bevy of angry, dystopian sounds to the songs. Phanerozoic also marks the recording debut of bassist Mattias Hagerstrand and drummer Paul Seidel, who both bring their own style and approach to their respective instruments.

As with all of The Ocean Collective’s releases, the music is only one piece of the puzzle. The collective has always been known for lyrics that are poignant and thought-provoking, and Phanerozoic is no exception. The central idea upon which the lyrics are premised is that of ‘eternal recurrence’, “Nietzsche’s concept that everything happens over and over again, an infinite amount of times throughout infinite time and space”, Staps explains. “When you look at Earth’s history you find a lot of evidence for this: continents have collided and drifted apart across the oceans and collided again, life nearly disappeared various times but then resurged again… this album is essentially about time, perception of time, and repetition. It is about coming to terms with the fact that there are things in life which will recur and which we cannot change and finding ways of dealing with that”.

The immediacy of Phanerozoic can be attributed to the band working out every detail and testing every song live in the rehearsal room prior to heading into the studio, a different approach as compared to their previous releases. The process of laying down tracks began in Iceland, with the drums being tracked at Sigur Ros’ own Sundlaugin Studios with long-time friend and producer Julien Fehlmann. A big drum room with great natural reverb located in a bleak and beautiful place surrounded by nature provided the perfect location for the initiation of this record.

The remainder of the album was tracked in Berlin. A brass section was recorded, and previous collaborators Vincent Membrez (piano) and longtime live cellist Dalai Theofilopoulou are featured. Katatonia vocalist Jonas Renkse delivers a stunning performance on the 11 minute track “Devonian”. However, this is very much vocalist Loic Rossetti’s album. Staps and Rossetti worked extensively, trying out a variety of styles and focusing on finding the best possible approach for each song. “Loic screaming over a heavy part always works great, but our goal was to avoid always going the obvious route this time”, Staps explains. The result is an album which gains its heaviness not from the surface but from below, not so much from the vocals, but from the underlying riffage, bass and drumming.

It was a conscious decision not to let this fondness of experimenting stretch to the choice of the team working on the album: Julien Fehlmann tracked drums, Jens Bogren (Katatonia, Opeth) handled mixing and mastering duties, and Norwegian artist Martin Kvamme, whose only clients are Mike Patton and The Ocean Collective, was once more in charge of the mind-blowing artwork, making this his 5th consecutive collaboration with the collective. “There’s no reason to change a perfectly working formula”, Staps comments. “When Jens played us the basic sound of the record, Loic and I looked at each other and our jaws dropped. It sounded SO FUCKING HEAVY that for a moment we were thinking about what we could potentially do to make it sound a bit more human and a bit less perfect… but we eventually learned to accept that Jens had simply done an outstanding job”.

Each of The Ocean Collective’s releases has proven a profoundly immersive experience, with an unrivalled attention to detail – something which becomes particularly apparent in the award-winning packaging: for the lavish acrylic boxset that came with 2013’s Pelagial, over 10.000 acrylic layers were individually silk-screen printed and manually assembled. That which accompanied 2010’s double album Heliocentric / Anthropocentric was particularly unique, its gatefold sleeve featuring rotating gold-foiled PVC dials screwed on top of it. Phanerozoic will not fall short of its predecessors: Phanerozoic will come in a trifold (LP) / digipak (CD) with die cuts through multiple layers, creating a 3D effect; topped off by metallic inks and a blind embossing emulating a rock structure.

Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic:
1. The Cambrian Explosion
2. Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence
3. Ordovicium: The Glaciation of Gondwana
4. Silurian: Age of Sea Scorpions
5. Devonian: Nascent
6. The Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse
7. Permian: The Great Dying
THE OCEAN have just announced a full European tour for October with support from Rosetta and Arabrot.

31/10/18 DE – Karlsruhe – Dudefest
01/11/18 FR – Paris – Backstage
02/11/18 UK – London – The Dome
03/11/18 UK – Leeds – Damnation Festival
04/11/18 NL – Eindhoven – Effenaar
05/11/18 DE – Münster – Sputnikhalle
06/11/18 DE – Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
07/11/18 CH – Sion – Le Port France
08/11/18 IT – Milan – Santeria Social Club
09/11/18 DE – München – Strom
11/11/18 SK – Bratislava – Randal
12/11/18 RO – Cluj-Napoca – Form Space
14/11/18 RO – Bucharest – Control Club
15/11/18 RO – Timisoara – Reflektor
16/11/18 HU – Budapest – Blue Hell
17/11/18 CR – Zagreb – Mochvara
18/11/18 PL – Krakow – Zet Pe Te
19/11/18 PL – Warsaw – Proxima

An additional four German dates will be played between Christmas and NYE.

27/12/18 DE – Rostock – Mau Club
28/12/18 DE – Jena – Kassablanca
29/12/18 DE – Nürnberg – Club Stereo
30/12/18 DE – Berlin – Lido

OUTER HEAVEN – What Lies Beneath

Pennsylvania, death metal newcomers OUTER HEAVEN share the third single off their long-awaited debut album Realms of Eternal Decay. Watch and stream “What Lies Beneath”, featuring clips from various cult horror movies

Additionally, OUTER HEAVEN begin their US tour with labelmates FULL OF HELLnext week! The tour commences with the official Realms of Eternal Decay record release show on October 10th at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia. The band will also perform with Mortician and Malignancy on December 7th in Philadelphia. A full list of confirmed tour dates is available below.

Watch OUTER HEAVEN’s recent animated video for “Putrid Dwelling”, a Novelconcept.TV Production and directed by Marcos Morales (Primitive Man), .

OUTER HEAVEN’s debut album Realms of Eternal Decay is due out October 12th on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records. Physical packages are available via and Digital Downloads / Streaming Services .

Across 10 tracks and 30+ minutes of grotesque, groove-laden old-school Death Metal, OUTER HEAVEN immediately raise the bar for the new generation of extreme bands. Realms of Eternal Decay was produced by Kevin Bernsten (Skeletonwitch, Full of Hell, Integrity) at Developing Nations Studios mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Inquisition, Pissgrave). Features sickening cover artwork by Matthew Stikker (Power Trip).

GREENLEAF – Good Ol’ Goat

Mighty Swedish Stoner force GREENLEAF just released their amazing and amusing music video for “Good Ol`Goat”. Watch the video right HERE!

The band on their epic movie: “We wanted to do something funny and entertaining and Peder Bergstand came up with this idea. It’s a very fitting video since it’s packed with dad jokes and some of us recently became fathers. Enjoy the bass!”

On November 9th, Hear The Rivers comes into world via Napalm Records. This album turns out to be quite the mesmerizing bag of tricks that seizes the Swedish Stoner sound and enriches it with so many wonderful things, like the just released unforgettable riff-o-rama „Good Ol`Goat“ or the slow soulfeeder „We Are The Pawns“. An absolute gem of an album that is best kept in the family – which is why former GREENLEAF- and Dozer drummer Karl Daniel Lidén (Craft, Bloodbath, Crippled Black Phoenix amongst others) produced it.

GREENLEAF summarize this record in the following way: “Hear The Rivers is our full length number 7. Lucky number 7? Well, we like to think so! All the songs give us huge smiles on our faces and we are extremely proud of what we have done! As always we try to take our listeners on a trip with our music, make them wanna bang their heads, dance, smile and cry (of happiness of course). This is easily the biggest sounding record we have ever done and we hope people will enjoy it as much as we do!”

w/ SAMAVAYO08.11.18 DE – Dresden / Beatpol*
09.11.18 DE – Berlin / Musik & Frieden
10.11.18 DE – Stuttgart / Keller Club
11.11.18 AT – Vienna / Viper Room
12.11.18 DE – Munich / Feierwerk
13.11.18 CH – Olten / Coq d’Or
14.11.18 DE – Cologne / Helios 37
15.11.18 UK – London / Underworld
16.11.18 FR – Paris / Glazart
17.11.18 NL – Eindhoven / Helldorado
*without SAMAVAYO


Before releasing their powerful debut self-titled album on October 19th, 2018,NORTHWARD, the hard rock project from masterminds Floor Jansen and Jorn Viggo Lofstad, will release a second trailer, in which they talk about the artists and music that inspired them.

The album is now available for pre-order via this link:

The album will also be released on vinyl (black, green, red, white), out on November, 11.
You can get it from The Nuclear Blast mailorder:

It was during the ‘All Star Jam’ at Progpower USA Festival in 2007, when current NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen and PAGAN’S MIND guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad spontaneously joined forces on stage for some cover songs and noticed the creative magic between them. Although the two musicians had never met before, they soon discovered their mutual love for stripped down hard rock and decided to write some songs together. In 2008 still barely knowing each other, they composed an entire album’s worth of material in next to no time. But due to their tight schedules with their main bands, their new project named NORTHWARD never found its way into the spotlight – until this day!

In 2017, the year of NIGHTWISH’s break, Floor took the opportunity to contact her old friendJorn Viggo again, to see if he was still interested in resurrecting NORTHWARD – and of course he was! “Jørn Viggo was positive about the project and we started to make the overall plans, meeting again in March of 2017 in Sweden to go through all the material together to see if we still felt happy with what we had created”, remembers Floor Jansen.

Stepping free from all boundaries NORTHWARD’s sound is strong, euphoric and straight in the tradition of SKUNK ANANSIE, FOO FIGHTERS and ALTER BRIDGE but also older bands such as DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN, the music gets straight to the point and makes no compromises.

With the help of producer Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT etc.), who mixed the record, they forged a raw diamond composed of heavy riffs and Floor’s incomparable voice, free from influences of the musicians’ main bands. And although the songs had originally been written in 2008, they feel as fresh and alive upon a second hearing, as they had on the very first day of their creation. “The music is melodic, but also in your face and kick ass rock. Cool riffs, good melodies, tasteful arrangements. We would simply like to call it ‘Good Music'”, comments Floor. She goes on to add:”We wanted to explore a stripped down sound, with drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Not the heavy layers of keyboards, choirs etc.”

Alongside Floor Jansen and Jorn Viggo Lofstad, Morty Black (TNT) took on bass duties, while drums were handled by Jango Nilsen and Stian Kristoffersen (PAGAN’S MIND). You will also hear a guest appearance by Floor’s sister Irene Jansen, singing a duet on the song ’Drifting Islands‘. And finally, Ronny Tegner from PAGAN’S MIND played the piano on a track.

Eliminator – Last Horizon

ELIMINATOR kick off their Eliminatour this week starting in Lancaster on October 4, 2018.

ELIMINATOR – October 2018

4th            LANCASTER – Yorkshire House
5th            NEWCASTLE – Little Buildings
6th            SHEFFIELD – Shakespeares
7th            MANCHESTER – Aatma
12th            ASHFORD – The Windmill Inn
13th            OXFORD – The Cellar
14th            LONDON – The Dev

They‘ll be joined across the seven shows by a supporting cast that includes Insurgency, Black Sheets Of Rain, Acalon, Dark Heart, Aggressive Perfector, Pink Cigs and more. Check locally to see who plays at which show

The highly praised debut from Eliminator hit the shops in March 2018. Entitled ’Last Horizon‘ it features eight tracks of pure British Heavy Metal. It was recorded at Skyhammer with Chris Fielding at the helm and features stunning cover art from Simon PYE Parr of 2000AD and Realm Of The Damned fame!

Born out of a desire to play live, Eliminator began when guitarists Jack and Matt met and Lancaster University and started jamming together. Motivated entirely towards the aim of live performances, the first incarnation of the band played their first gig in 2008. After a couple of years of gigging a stable lineup of strong musicians eventually came together. With Jamie on bass, Dave on drums and Tak fronting the band, Eliminator had garnered enough live experience and written enough original material to begin recording.

Entering into a hastily constructed DIY studio in late 2010, the band recorded their first release, the We Rule the Night EP. The EP was released on CD and vinyl during 2011 and proved to be popular with heavy metal fans, earning Eliminator gigs and festival slots across the UK.

Spurred on by the success of the EP, the band began working on new material and once again entered the studio in late 2011; although this time with a luxury of an experienced engineer and professional equipment. The result was two tracks which were released on The Seer 7″ single in 2012, which was received well by those who heard it but suffered from a lack of promotion by the label.

In summer 2012 after a successful performance at Muskelrock, front man Tak left the band and Eliminator were in limbo without a singer until 2013 when a friend of the band and former Skyclad guitarist, Dave Pugh stepped up to fulfill vocal duties. With Dave on board, Eliminator played a number of gigs and festivals throughout Europe and released a demo in 2015, titled (confusingly, in hindsight) 2019.

However, due to commitments with a reunited Skyclad Dave stepped down from Eliminator in 2015 and the band was once again left without a vocalist. A period of inactivity followed whilst the search for a suitable front-man went underway.

In late 2016 the band received a tip that Danny, a long-time friend and supporter of Eliminator was an excellent heavy metal singer looking for a band. After auditioning, Danny impressed the band with his ability and he was asked to join Eliminator. With Danny at the helm, live performances were resumed and after a gig in London during March of 2017, Eliminator caught the attention of Dissonance Productions.

Whores. – UK Tour

Supreme extreme Noise Rockers WHORES., whose cranium crunching debut studio album ‘Gold.’, was released on Steamhammer / SPV at the end of 2016 to huge acclaim, are set to drop in to the UK on their current European headline tour to play their first ever headline shows here next week. Dates are:-

8th October                   LEEDS Temple of Boom

9th October                   SHEFFIELD Corporation

10th October                 LONDON Underworld

11th October                 MANCHESTER Star And Garter

12th October                 BRISTOL Exchange

‘Gold.’, an awesome collection of grimy sludge-meets-metal-meets-post-hardcore tinged tirades, was rated 7/10 by Metal Hammer in their January 2017 issue by writer Joe Daly, who stated that “For their large label debut, Atlanta’s Whores. seek to build on the wanton brutality of EP’s 2011’s ‘Ruiner’ and 2013’s ‘Clean’ breaking free from the cluttered playing field of ear-bleeding noise extremists. ‘Clean’s scuzzy riffage and a bowel-shaking low end drew comparisons to Melvins while still inviting punks and stoners on board. ‘Gold.’ Takes their sound much further, with sharp, purposeful structures, and a tightly harnessed aggression playing out in piledriving tempos and riffs, as heard in chest-pounding belters like ‘Of Course You Do’ and ‘I see You Also Wearing A Black Shirt’. Such titles underscore Whores.’ zero-fucks irreverence, calling to mind the misanthropic playfulness of Pissed Jeans. The band stay largely within their lines on their debut, and the tighter focus, ambitious songwriting and speaker-blowing production cast ‘Gold.’ As a ferocious and exhilarating intro to the big leagues.”

Since their inception in 2010, Christian Lembach (vocals/guitars), Donnie Adkinson (drums) and Casey Maxwell (bass), have established Whores. as one of heavy music’s most distinctive acts, thanks to their crushing live shows and no-holds-barred punk rock attitude. Whores. have toured throughout the U.S. with acts such as Red Fang, Torche, Big Business, Melvins, Mudhoney, Retox, Deafheaven, Iron Reagan, Metallica, Slayer, Kylesa, Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, Floor, Lamb of God, Tombs, The Sword, Baroness, Dillinger Escape Plan, Chelsea Wolf, Youth Code, Cult of Luna and many more.