COILGUNS “Commuters”

(Pelagic Records)
I know that I’m getting older for every year and that my memory will deteriorate but I can’t for the life of me remember if I did a review for COILGUNS EP a while back. I have fragmented memories of liking it but that could easily have been a dream. This new album I’m sure that I haven’t reviewed. In reading different magazines year best list I’ve noticed that Converge have come up trumps. I would like to say that I have any idea what Converge are about but I haven’t heard enough to pass any judgment yet when I hear COILGUNS new album I get a distinct feeling that this moves in the same region as Converge. Hardcorish metal that will appeal to those with an open mind. This is what I consider eclectic. I don’t remember if I liked the EP but I know that I like this album. Anders Ekdahl

DEATHRONIC “Duality Chaos”

“Duality Chaos”
(Mighty Music)
I don’t know why anybody wants to take on the task of doing all by oneself. To me that seems like glutton for punishment. But if the result is anything but bad then I’ll champion anybody that does it by themselves. DEATHRONIC is a Parisian one-man band. To my ears this is melodic death metal close in spirit to Arch Enemy. There is that feel of control over this that I find in Arch Enemy’s music. Call it containment if you like but everything seems to be neatly arranged. Not that it means that this is bad. On the contrary. It is actually a rather nice album. If you like your metal slightly rough but with plenty of melody and not least guitar solos then this will be right up you alley. Add to it a touch of the symphonic and esoteric side of metal and you got a dran nice album. Anders Ekdahl

DECEPTOR “Chains Of Delusion”

“Chains Of Delusion”
(Shadow Kingdom)
DECEPTOR must be one hell of a cool heavy metal band. I don’t want it any other way. Somewhere in the back of my mind I have a recollection of having read about DECEPTOR. With that in mind I kinda have some high expectations of this to be full on heavy metal assault. The cover to this album made me think of Judas Priest circa “Screaming For Vengeance”. If you can imagine that Priest album dressed for thrash then you might get a grip on what DECEPTOR are all about. This wasn’t the cool heavy metal album I thought it would be. Instead it turned out to be a rather cool semi-thrash metal album with a hell of a cool attitude. I didn’t expect that this would take me by such a storm as it has. I had hope for it to be cool but this is so much more. This is thrash metal the way I grew up with it. This is a hell of an album. Anders Ekdahl


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Danish stoner rock seem to be on the move these days. Not that I complain. If any Nordic country should produce stoner rock it should be Denmark. It just seems like their kind of laid back approach to things (hygge) fits the whole concept of stoner rock. DOUBLESTONE have a sound that makes me think California circa 1970. Just after the summer of love and Woodstock but before prog rock really took off. This is the kind of jam crazed hardrock that I kinda associate the late 60s/early 70s with. A time when the frames were quite liquid and you could get away with pretty much anything. This 6 track EP is like a throwback to a time less complicated. I like that kind of feeling. I would even go as far as saying that this is pretty much what I expect the Danish 70s was like. Smoke some weed, make love freely and let the day come as it will. Anders

FEN “Dustwalker”

This is one band that I have been looking forward to hear. I have known of the band for some time now but I have had a hard time locating any of their previous releases. Now with a release on Italian Code666 more people will have the chance to hear this English band. I get a very mythological feeling listening to this, if that makes any sense at all. I got that same feeling the first time I heard Emperor too. Like there’s a side to the band that is hidden in mystery. A side to the band that shouldn’t be explored. This is music to wander the meadows to in the early morning mist. This is the kind of blackish metal that transcends the border between reality and fiction. You never know where it’ll take you but as long as you are open enough it will guide you. This pretty much made all my expectations come true. Now I gotta run out and locate the previous releases. Anders Ekdahl

OVERTORTURE “At The End The Dead Await”

“At The End The Dead Await”
I like it when bands think that little extra when coming up with band names. Overtorture (Overture anybody?) is one hell of a cool band name. This has got to be some really cool death or thrash metal for it to not destroy the whole effort that has gone into figuring out the band name. That they are Swedish make me think that they are a bit influenced by Dismember but I can’t find much of Dismember in their sound. Or perhaps I can. This is heavy and rather slow tempo death metal that makes me think of just Dismember on half speed. And I like it for that fact but not that fact alone. This is death metal that stands any scrutiny you could expose it to. This is death metal that stands on its own two feet, firmly planted in the Swedish death metal ground. Anders Ekdahl

THE PROPHECY “Salvation”

This English band deserves to be better known. If you like doom metal in the style of Candlemass and tinged with a bit of My Dying Bride you’ll love this band. I’ve been following them from the very first album up till now and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of this band’s repertoire. There is almost something sacral to this kind of doom metal. That the album is called “Salvation” seems appropriate given the atmosphere that surrounds this album. It’s almost as if the band want to warn us about the oncoming Armageddon and say that we need to make good with our maker before it is too late. I like that feeling in my doom metal. I want my doom metal to be balancing on the verge of the abyss. This is end of the world music that I want to be played when my time comes to leave this earth. Anders Ekdahl

RITUAL OF ODDS “God Is An Atheist”

“God Is An Atheist”
Again. I love it when bands send me stuff without me asking for it. That means that what we here at Battle Helm is doing something right and get cred for it too. This Greek band has come up with a really cool album title. Hopefully the music will match the album title. That it dates back to 2010 just proves that there are too many bands out there to keep track of them all. I get a Sentenced without the melancholic side vibe from this album. This isn’t really death metal even if the vocals might lead you to think so. But at the same time this isn’t really heavy metal either. This one exist in that never never land that is neither nor. The land that is in between but not really anywhere. The land that can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be this or that. But it is just that ambiguity that makes this album so cool. Anders Ekdahl


This Belgian band is new to me. Well almost all Belgian metal is new to me. I don’t get to hear too many bands from Belgium so every chance to hear a new Belgian band is treasured by me. By the name of the band I get the impression that this band comes from the French part of Belgium. I’m not sure what melodic black metal really says about the music. In my ears that seem like an oxymoron. What I do know is that this Belgian band reminds me of Limbonic Art in the way they arrange their songs. There is that kind of mechanical texture to the music that you also find in Limbonic Art’s music. And seeing as I like Limbonic Art a hell of a lot this album also strikes a chord in me. There is something about this kind of metal that I find appealing and pleasing to the ear. Can’t really explain what it is but I guess it is the controlled environment the music seem to exist within that makes me cheerful. Anders Ekdahl

SAUTRUS “Kuelmaggah Mysticism – The Prologue”

“Kuelmaggah Mysticism – The Prologue”
This is another one that I don’t know much about, if anything. But as always I’m game for anything once. This could turn out to be a must buy kind of record. Or not. Any which way I’m in for an experience that could go any way really. I have no clue what The Devil’s Blood are about but I somehow get an impression that SAUTRUS follow in the hardrock-ish tradition that The Devil’s Blood, Witchcraft, Graveyard and a handful of other bands operate within; that of a very 70s kind of sound. Almost bluesy without being blues. SAUTRUS wasn’t what I expected them to be. I had my mind set on something a bit more contemporary but as it turned out this is some pretty cool stuff. There is a slight kinship with Witchfynde’s “Give em Hell” album. I like this and want to know more about the band. Anders Ekdahl