Piah Mater – Solace in Oblivion

Brazillian progressive death metal band PIAH MATER are now streaming “Solace In Oblivion”, a new track from their upcoming album The Wandering Daughter which is being released this Friday.

The band commented “The lyrics for Solace in Oblivion depict the relationship between humans and nature in its most menacing, adversarial and primeval form. They talk about a “strangling forest” and the feeling of sinking down in a “mat of leaves.” I knew that the video to go along with the music should convey those bare emotions – the sense of being slowly engulfed by roots and vines until the spectator becomes one with the wild. A bold mission statement considering this is a 12-plus minute song. Our budget did not cover Lars Von Trier directing fees so we went with this animation approach instead. In my eyes it made the song justice, I quite enjoyed watching it.”

Transmaniacon – Dogs Of War

‘The Strange World of Suzie Pellet’ featuring Lydia Lunch, Maya Berlin, Transmaniacon, Ian Miller is set for release on 23rd November (New Heavy Sounds).

A hard rocking concept album featuring a dark, unsettling and mysterious tale of future street dweller Suzie Pellet.

A feisty survivor in a ruined world, Suzie is the brainchild of Ian Miller, fantasy/horror artist and novelist. His surreal. nightmarish creations have graced book covers, graphic novels and films, and have given form to the works of HP Lovecraft, Tolkien and many more.

Now, one of his own dark gothic characters comes to life with ‘The Strange World of Suzie Pellet’.

Not unlike Michael Moorcock guiding Hawkwind or Sandy Pearlman, The Blue Oyster Cult, or even a cranked up Moody Blues or Who, Transmaniacon bring Miller’s vision to sonic life, aided and abetted by the outstanding vocal deliveries of punk poetess and avant rocker Lydia Lunch (a hind-sighted Suzie) and Maya Berlin (a future ‘present-day’ Suzie).

Sci-fi and space rock has always been present in Transmaniacon, a previous incarnation was XM3a who released the first New Heavy Sounds single, ‘Bad Robot Man’, an epic 9 min acid rock riff-fest.

This was followed up (as Transmaniacon) by ‘The Darkening Plain’ their first concept piece containing the 25 min classic ‘Quintessence of Dust’ – bleak, dense, forboding, and heavy. – a sort of Killing Joke/Hawkwind/Pentagram hybrid which featured the first collaboration with Lydia Lunch. But with ‘Suzie Pellet’ Transmaniacon becomes more a musical collective.

‘Dogs of War’ is the first track to be taken from the album. Watch the video directed by Duane Sherwood now:

The core of the band remains, hard and heavy riffing guitars, overdriven Hammond Organ (and this time synth) but with the addition of Tom (Uncle Acid/Limb) Mowforth on drums they are a groovier, more athletic 70’s rock beast.

As before, the twin heavyweights of Blue Oyster Cult and Mountain loom large, but this time with the added groove of an an organ-driven Frumpy or Black Mountain.

Suzie Pellet is Transmaniacon’s first true collaboration with Ian Miller. Miller resurrected his post apocalyptic tale of street survivor Suzie Pellet in a rotten and derelict London-esque urban-scape called Duht.

Transmaniacon have taken and expanded Miller’s vision into a story in which Pellet herself, describes the dark, underworld, its characters and situations, friends and foes, all in grisly-spoken and sung diary-like, excerpts.

Lydia Lunch was an obvious choice for the mature Pellet. A survivor of numerous underground scenes herself from punk and no-wave through noise, avant-rock and, appropriately enough here, spoken word.

The part could have been written for her, her world weary rasping syllables bringing a frightening authenticity and drama to the older Suzie’s memories and give an almost cinematic intensity to the imagery.

In 1975 Patti Smith perhaps could have been a young Susie Pellet, in 93 Polly Harvey, but now the role falls to Maya Berlin.

With her band, Cold in Berlin delivering equal parts Punk, Doom and Goth over their three highly acclaimed albums (including ‘The Comfort of Loss and Dust on Candlelight Records), she was perfect. And Suzie gives her the opportunity to expand her vocal (and theatrical) talents in Grace Slick or Julie Driscoll or even Chelsea Wolfe directions.

Ian Miller has once again provided his macabre vision for the sleeve art. But here his style has mutated into a vivid and creepy marriage of photo montage and the inky etched characters for for which he is known.

A new vision of Suzie, perhaps a Hogarth or Durer painting for the 21st century.

With Ant Chapman once again at the audio-helm (Future of The Left, Thumper Monkey, Charles Howl, Black Moth & Limb for New Heavy Sounds) the intensity of Transmaniacon’s hard and dark path was assured – the mission continues.

Step into the nightmare world of Suzie Pellet.

Pre-order now: https://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk/products/transmaniacon-feat-lydia-lunch-and-maya-berlin-the-strange-world-of-suzie-pellet

Helsott – Runnin’ Down A Dream

To commemorate the first anniversary of Tom Petty’s passing, the California-based pagan metal group HELSOTT has released a music video for their rendition of his 1989 classic, “Runnin’ Down A Dream,” which features Elvenking violinist Lethien.

Petty might seem like an unlikely influence for a pagan metal band, but according to HELSOTT vocalist Eric Dow, covering one of his songs was an easy decision. “Tom Petty was and will forever be an American songwriting hero,” Dow says. “He was one of my all-time favorites, and I was lucky enough to see him live several times. We were working on ‘Slaves And Gods’ when he passed away. I had just seen him at the Hollywood Bowl during what would be his final run of shows, and I was very inspired. We decided very quickly that we were going to cover a song and put it on the new record. We chose ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’ because we felt we related most with those lyrics and the song rocks!”

Dow explains how the song’s guest star and its music video came to pass. “I felt like instead of acoustic guitar accompanying us, we would ask Lethien from Elvenking to throw down some violin. He did a great job,” he says. “In the spirit of the album and having so many guest musicians on it, we had a local artist named Hunter Havokk do the guitar and bass. We really liked the outcome, so we decided to do a tribute video and release it on the anniversary of Tom Petty’s passing. Since he made shit happen with little to no money, we decided to approach this video in a very DIY manner. We had a GoPro and our friend Frank to film us. I did all the editing, and I am no means a video guy. We were just three guys having fun in the spirit of Tom Petty. We wanted to do a story line that was believable but still lucid enough to seem like a dream. I could very easily see one of us having a dream where our drummer Cooper was playing a pink junior kit in the back of our trailer. Then our van breaks down and we do whatever we can to pass the time, but it’s okay because a Jedi will come and fix it.”

HELSOTT’s cover of “Runnin’ Down A Dream” appears on the group’s second full-length album, “Slaves And Gods,” due Oct. 12 via M-Theory Audio. In addition to Lethien, the album features a number of notable guests from the world of folk metal, including Masha Scream (Arkona), Lazar (Arkona), Dr. Leif Kjonnsfleis (TrollfesT), Trollmannen (TrollfesT), Damna (Elvenking), Lethien (Elvenking), Dom Crey (Equilibrium, Nothgard), Kevin Storm and more.

“Slaves And Gods” was mixed and mastered by J-F Dagenais (Kataklysm, Misery Index, Despised Icon) and features cover art by Felipe Machado Franco (Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire). Physical copies on CD and limited-edition blue marble vinyl can be pre-ordered via the M-Theory Audio webshop, while digital pre-orders – which include instant downloads of “Runnin’ Down A Dream” and the title track – are now underway via Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

DarWin – Escape The Maze

Welcome to the near-future: the world of DarWin. An epic and intricate musical fantasy concept that will launch on the 9th November 2018with the ambitious release of “Escape The Maze.”

It’s roughly ten years from now into the future, 2028. An exhausted ecology, and global conflicts,have led to a huge upheaval of the worldorder, straining and diminishing human populations. The lives of everyday people and families have been turned upside down by the intense ecological pressures related to climate change.  No longer just a theory discussed by scientists and politicians, climate change is wreaking havoc on the world. Chaos and confusion reign as fighting for basic resources continuously escalates. “Day Zero”has occurred, when nuclear attacks punctuated what had for many years been a civility between nations and people.  As Earth rejects life, those of us who remain struggle to survive.

DarWin wakes. Alone, confused and surrounded by the unknown.  How did he get here, and who is he?  He starts a journey from a mysterious dark cave to find civilization, discover his past, understand the present and try and forge a future in the chaos that surrounds him. Splintered memories return to him of his past: a simple but comfortable life, a beautiful wife, a lovely child, a cosy family. Where are they now?

He makes his way across a strange, desolate land, and upon finding a lone truck on a road, collapses from exhaustion.  When he wakes, he is surrounded by a mysterious group of women, working with technology, not just to save him, but to…upgrade him.  They are turning him into a next generation man. The next step after Homo sapiens. Software and processing power is merging with his body.  And with this upgrade, as he rises from an operating table, under the watchful eye of this group of women, he discovers powers. Powers that he doesn’tfully understand but might yet hold a key not only to his own past, present, and future but also to a planet Earth groaning under the weight of mankind, on the verge of collapse. The powers allow him to navigate space time, and, it seems, interject his will onto the unfolding of events.  He can reverse events. Can they allow DarWin to turn back the destruction of the Earth—the apocalyptic present?  Can the efforts of one upgraded man be enough to turn the tide for humanity?  To restore our planet?    Just one man alone?  Can these powers even possibly bring back…his family? The story is just beginning…

“Escape The Maze” is the first installment in an epic saga that addresses the challenges of mankind in our coming era.  It depicts the role of a changing planet, and the potential, as well as limitations, of technology to help solve mankind’s greatest challenges. The story of Origin Of Species will continue through music, graphic novels and videos.

A complex project that’s eschews the hollow immediacy of much contemporary art. A story that demands attention and imagination.  With music sweeping in scope, at times evoking hard rock virtuoso shredding, alongside grand orchestral compositions, warm harmonies and soaring choruses.

It’s time to enter the story. It’s time to join DarWin on his journey…

“Escape the Maze” is the first release from DarWin’s upcoming concept album “Origin Of Species”  The album features legendary drummer and producer Simon Phillips, who drives the production on the album, Matt Bissonette – vocals, bass, DarWin – guitars, Jeff Babko –piano, and featuring blazing guitar solos from Greg Howe.

“Escape The Maze” will be released digitally and on 12” “Splattered” coloured vinyl. The release will also feature two further tracks “The Last Chance” and“Escape The Maze (Orchestral version)” – both include performances by the Chamber Orchestra Of London conducted by composer Matt Dunkley (known for his work on film scores for Ironman, World War Z and Inception) and recorded at Abbey Road, London, Studio 2.

Ø L T E N – Lied

Sludgy post-metal band ØLTEN have released a new video for their song “Lied” which is taken from their upcoming album Ambiance.

Pre-order the album here: https://olten.bandcamp.com/​

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