CALIBER666 “Blood Fueled Chaos”

“Blood Fueled Chaos”
(Ibex Moon)
Caliber666 are totally new to me. Judging by the promo pictures I’d say they are Swedish. But I’m not too sure and it really doesn’t matter the truth be told. As long as the music is good I don’t care where you come from. Caliber666 are death metal the way Centinex was death metal. Nothing fancy, just deep growls and down-tuned guitars. This is darkness embodied. Continue reading

MY RUIN “A Southern Revelation”

“A Southern Revelation”
I have a complicated relationship to My Ruin. I really want to like them and trust me, I’ve tried doing so by buying all the albums I’ve come upon. And for most of the time I’ve really, really haven’t got a clue as to what I feel. Do I like it or not? At first ”A Southern Revelation” didn’t change that much. I still had a hard time deciding what I thought of it. Continue reading


I guess that the success of Arkona has opened for more Russian bands with an interest in the country’s ancient heathen history getting the chance to be heard. Welicoruss seem to be one of these bands. Not that I know what they sing about as it is all in Russian. Musically it is easier to understand them. This is basically what is known as pagan metal (black metal with some folkish parts/melodies). Continue reading


I’m a huge fan of Hellhammer. When they came upon me they were not of this world. Never had I heard a band as extreme as them. Forward 30 years and you still find bands that hold that same aesthetic high. Bahimiron being one. Anders Ekdahl ©2011 Continue reading


I can’t say that I have a total overview of the Australian metal scene but I do know of one or two bands. Thrall being one of them. I was so fascinated by their take on black metal that I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2011 Continue reading

ABSENTIA “Our Bleeding Sun”

“Our Bleeding Sun”
(Malevolence Records)
That melodeath is the big is no secret. That melodeath has spread like a wildfire throughout the World we know all too well. So why not let yourself be swept away by a Spanish melodeath band? Metal knows no borders; we are all one huge nation. This wasn’t quite what I expected. This was so much better than my expectations. While still being melodeath AbsentiA take it one step further in not letting themselves being limited by the frame of what they play. Continue reading

CIRCLES “Eye Embedded”

“Eye Embedded”
Listening to Circles I get images of every band playing/trying to be like Meshuggah and failing miserably. Not that Circles fail but then they are not a Meshuggah clone. I just get that image that had not Meshuggah existed and Djent had become a sub-genre we might not have seen Circles in the incarnation we now get to experience. Take away the melodic vocals and you’ll end up with music that twists and turns like an epileptic fit. Continue reading

CIRCUS OF LAMIA “Welcome Madness”

“Welcome Madness”
Circus Of Lamia. With a name like that you kinda expect the most crazy metal you’ve ever heard in your life but the truth be told this is pretty middle of the road death/goth/whatever metal. Again it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. You got the angelic female vocals, the beastly growling and some down tuned death metal guitars. It could end there and just be a bland interpretation but I think I can hear something brewing in the background. Continue reading