MISERATION “Tragedy has Spoken”

“Tragedy Has Spoken”
I’m not sure but I think that I have one album by Miseration in my collection. Don’t remember what I thought of it but I guess my feelings were luke warm. This new album wasn’t exactly what I expected. I had my mind set on some sort of melodeath/Gothenburg death metal but this is way too chaotic to even get close to that sound. This is death metal but there is nothing laidback or controlled about this. This is full on chaos that makes even the most diehard death freak feel like he’s caught in a maelstrom. This is the soundtrack to the end of the world, this could very well be Armageddon put to music. Not what I expected from this band. Nevertheless I like it, once I got my head around it. There is a charm to the chaos they create. Anders Ekdahl

MORBID EXECUTION “Vulgar Darkness”

“Vulgar Darkness”
With the troubles I had downloading this (legally) this gotta be something spectacular for it not to be a total let down. This Polish act seem to be more on the “perverse” side of things. I get a kinda “Acts of the Unspeakable” Autopsy kinda feeling about this. If it is anything like Autopsy was then I’m in for a treat of awesome proportions. If not, I just hope that it’ll stick up for itself any which way. I had not too worry. This is just as I imagined it would be. This is dark, murky and six feet deep death metal just like it sounded back in the late 80s. Whenever I hear one of these bands I get a warm and cozy feeling in my gut. This brings back all those kind of feelings I had back then when this sound was new and fresh. All hail the old. Anders Ekdahl


“The Portal Of I”
I like Australia. Never been there, would very much like to visit had it not been that it is so far away. Until that happens I have to live vicariously through the music that comes from that end of the world. Ne Obliviscaris turned out to be a strange creature. It started as a black metal album but quickly grew into something completely different all within the first track. I like it when they mix different elements of metal. It’s not a sure way to success but when they hit the jackpot it comes up trumps. “The Portal Of I” has all the potential to appeal to those of you who like bands like Arcturus or In The Woods; bands that move effortlessly between the different sub-genres of metal. Anders Ekdahl

REGICIDE DECEASE/CALCINED “Death Illumination – In Memory Of Evil Chuck”

“Death Illumination – In Memory Of Evil Chuck”
(Metal Scrap Records)
This is some sort of tribute to the greatness of Death and Chuck Shuldiner. “Scream Bloody Gore” wasn’t my first introduction to death metal (or whatever it was called back in the 80s) but it was such a monumental album in shaping things to come. I don’t know how many times I spun that album together with Possessed’s “Seven Churches”. Awesome music from an awesome band. I followed Death up until the untimely demise of Chuck. Both bands on this record pay respectful tribute to a sound that will never be copied fully. This is death metal in all its primitive glory. Both Regicide Decease and Calcined do a cover each of a track from “Scream Bloody Gore” as well as three tracks of their own. All in all 8 tracks of awesome death metal. I’m not going to pick a band over the other but just settle for this being a cool release. Anders Ekdahl

SYLVAN REALM “The Lodge Of Transcendence”

“The Lodge Of Transcendence”
Sometime I have a biased opinion on what a band will sound like. I had it with Sylvan Realm who I thought would be some sort of lame attempt at being a Marilyn Manson extreme version. Instead it turned out to be so much more than that. That this is extreme metal there is no doubt about but my fears that this would have anything to do with Marilyn Manson were put in the closet. Instead I get a Limbonic Art or Obsidian Gate feeling to this. If you are familiar with any of these bands then you know what I talking about. Otherwise I can tell you that these two bands are on the more orchestrated side of things without being overly symphonic. I get the same kind of feeling with Sylvan Realm. And for that reason I like this too. Anders Ekdahl

SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS “Stupefying Beliefs”

“Stupefying Beliefs”
(Metal Scrap Records)
I don’t usually judge a band by its name but when I saw this band’s name I got the feeling that this might be some sort of symphonic black metal or death metal on the more progressive side of things. I’m still out on where I want to place this band. And while they are in way totally original there’s a side to their slow and heavy music that signals that there’s something more going on than the ordinary. I can’t help get a Nocturnus/Morbid Angel feeling listening to this. Two bands that in all their own glory are heavy in a way that doesn’t bore the hell out of me. I get the same kind of feeling listening to this. Slow doesn’t necessary mean boring. There is enough going on here to keep it interesting. Anders Ekdahl


(Bastardized Recordings)
I’m not the biggest fan of hardcore. Don’t know why it hasn’t appealed to me in full scale. I like punk, I like extreme metal but hardcore is a totally different piece of pie. I do remember the Italian hardcore scene of the 80s. I liked bands like Negazione, Raw Power and whatever else they were called. Awaken Demons would very much like to be called HC and not metalcore. I’m cool with that. I’m also cool with the music. This is my kind of hardcore. Can’t explain what it is that does it for me with this band and not with others but there is something to it that appeal to me. I guess it is the sense of unity and groove that there is to it that makes me feel like pogoing like a mad man in my living room. Anders Ekdahl

BATTLERAGE “True Metal Victory”

”True Metal Victory”
(Metal On Metal)
I am not too familiar with the Chilean metal scene. I know of Pentagram (but that was back in the 80s), I’ve heard Bewitched (I like their doomy epic metal) but apart from that I know very little about it. I’m getting to know more and more band for band and Battlerage is one more stepping stone to getting to know all there is to know about the scene. Battlerage operate in the same kind of environment as Bewitched (perhaps without the death/black references) in that they too are on the more epic side of things. You can say whatever you like about Manowar (and I have too) but when they are great they are unbeatable. I kinds feel the same way about Battlerage. When they are great they play some of the most beautiful heavy metal. Cool stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

HERETIC “A Time Of Crisis”

”A Time Of Crisis”
(Metal On Metal)
I can’t seem to remember Heretic from back in the 80s when they were signed to Metal Blade yet I feel that the name is so familiar that I must have heard of them back then. It wasn’t as easy as it is today to get records from the States back in the 80s. You had no internet, Paypal wasn’t heard of. All you had to rely on was the post and that your well hidden money arrived at its destination. In 2012 you’ll be happy if the stuff isn’t up on-line before the albums out in the shops. Heretic are thrash metal the same way that Holy Terror, Testament and a handful of bands from around LA and San Francisco sounded like in the 80s. Melodic without being wimpy, aggressive without being testosterone filled. Just plain great thrash metal that still sound as great today as it did back then. A testament as good as any to what great music can do for your soul. Anders Ekdahl

LILITH TO KILL “Until The End”

“Until The End”
I really, really didn’t like funk metal when it appeared. I never really cared for rap metal and I sure as hell never went for NU metal (whatever the hell that was) but I gotta admit that I kinda like this modern metal stuff that keep popping up every now and then (not to be confused with metalcore). I’ve already found a couple of cool bands that are what best could be described modern metal. One of these are French Lilith To Kill. I take it you’ve read the interview. Then you know a bit about this band. When it comes to reference points for this musically I tend to return to the Swedish melodeath sound of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity with an added touch or two. Not such a shabby bunch of bands to base your sound on. Anders Ekdahl