BLOOD MORTIZED “The Key To A Black Heart”

“The Key To A Black Heart”
(Chaos Records/FDA Rekotz)
I liked Blood Mortized’s “Bestial” EP quite a bit. I’m a huge fan of the late 80s/early 90s Swedish death metal sound not only because I was there when it happened but because the music that came out of that period is so brutal and raw even to this day. So when I got word that Blood Mortized had an album coming I pretty much wetted myself in anticipation. Could this be even better than the EP? Would they outdo themselves this time around. And to my surprise this is so bloody good that I feel like I’m back listening to the latest demo tape by bands like Entombed or Dismember. This is so bloody good that I almost can’t find the words to describe how good it is. This is Swedish death metal the way it should be done. Not that I have anything against In Flames or Dark Tranquillity but this is Swedish death metal at its core. Anders Ekdahl

CATAMENIA “The Re-written Chapters”

“The Re-written Chapters”
(Massacre Records)
I have to admit that I’ve never cared too much for Catamenia. I’ve always looked upon them as some sort of second rate black metal wannabes from Finland. Perhaps wrong of me but never the less the truth. I might have been a bit too hasty in my judgement but hey it is too late to regret it now. With a new opportunity to actually get a picture of what the band is all about all I can say is that this sounded exactly like I had expected. Call it blackened heavy metal, call it black metal light, call it whatever you like, it still sounds… good. To my surprise I actually like this. Don’t know if it maturity with age from my side that has turned me over but I get a slight Dissection/Children Of Bodom feel listening to this. It’s hard enough to appeal to the black metal side of fans but still with enough melody to appeal to the more light hearted extreme metal fans. Anders Ekdahl

DEADBORN “Mayhem Maniac Machine”

“Mayhem Maniac Machine”
(Apostasy Records)
Deadborn, stillborn, never born. Death metal the way Deadborn play it has a certain appeal. This is raw and to the point. No fussing about. It is like being hit with a sledgehammer from the very first note. But is it a good beating or is it just a painful one? I have to say that “Mayhem Maniac Machine” rightly so impressed me. This is death metal in some of its purest form. No melodeath tendencies, no high pitched screams just pure from the depth of hell vocals, a pace that would kill even the fittest of 100m runners and a sound that could cut steel. This is death metal in the Cannibal Corpse league. This is death metal the way it sounded in the 90s. This is pure hell set to music. And it is so damn good that I think I’ll spin this disc one more time. Anders Ekdahl

DRUKNROLL “On The Knife Blade”

“On The Knife Blade”
(Metal Scrap Records)
Druknroll might be a weird band name but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out this band if you like industrial/thrash metal light. This isn’t as bad as it may sound. For most parts it’s like any other thrash metal album. Nothing strange about it at all. They just through in some time changes and breaks and a bit of noise here and there. A keyboard or two makes appearances but other than that the guitars chug away like any other good thrash metal record. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical before I actually got round to hearing this but I must say that they proved me wrong on more than one levels. If thrash metal is your fancy then and you don’t mind keyboard and clean vocals then you might find a new favourite in Druknroll. I know I have. Anders Ekdahl

MALFEITOR “Dum Morior Orior”

“Dum Morior Orior”
(Hellthrasher Records)
OK so I turn into a jibbering fool whenever I get a Swedish death metal album in my palms. But hey, how else can I react to a new Swedish death metal album. For such a small country as Sweden we sure are great at producing excellent death metal. 2012 have so far brought us some pretty cool death metal, and I’m not just talking Swedish, and Malfeitor’s album “Dum Morior Orior” is no exception. This is another fine slab of murky death metal the way early Nihilist or Autopsy played it. This is the skin ripping death metal that I grew up with and that pretty much shaped my whole 90s. This is the stuff that forever is imprinted in my heart and that I will carry with me until the day I’m cremated and my dust is spread for the wind. This is death metal that has nothing to do with melodies and screamy vocals. This is da stuff for all us die hard death metal fans. Anders Ekdahl

REVEL IN FLESH “Deathevocation”

(FDA Rekotz)
You might say that retro death metal is the brand new thing but I rather chose to think that it never ever went away; it just hibernated. Revel In Flesh is another of these bands that have found that old school is better than new school. That good old death metal is so much better than any metalcore/melodeath can ever be. And for that I salute them. This is the stuff that put hair on men’s chest and makes women menstruate too early. This is the stuff that turns children into adults. This is death metal the way death metal sounded in its second evolutionary stage. Think Autopsy, Nihilist/Entombed and Dismember. Think any death metal demo band of the 90s and you get a pretty good picture of what this sounds like. If that tickles your fancy you are well advised to check this stuff out. Anders Ekdahl


Shroud Of Despondency might be a USBM band but as I’ve stated before that doesn’t really say too much about the band’s music as that definition includes a variety of different sounds. SoD seems to work very much with different atmospheres. I like the contrasts this can create. In the case of SoD they go from the sombre to the serene to the chaotic (sometime within the same song). This wide spectre of emotions creates a wide array of sounds that combined makes for a perfect canvas to paint on. But it also makes for a harder journey emotionally where you never know where you’ll end up. “Pine” might be more direct than previous SoD records but that doesn’t mean that it is a simpler record. This is still as challenging as all their previous efforts, just in a different way. “Pine” is a fine slab of black metal. Anders Ekdahl

TARANTULA “Spiral Of Fear”

“Spiral of Fear”
(Rock It Up/Ice Warrior)
I am a sucker for a really good heavy metal album. My love for heavy metal will never go away no matter how many death or black metal albums I get subjected to. Tarantula might not be as deadly as the spider they’ve named themselves after but it sure bites really hard. This is heavy metal that is shaped after the old formula. Guitars that bites and vocals that doesn’t require ear plugs to handle. This is very power driven metal the way I like it. There is a darkness to the music that brings it character. It’s not as sunny as for example early Hammerfall even if both bands move in pretty much the same circles. That alone adds to the experience. You don’t feel like you need to put on your happy face when you listen to this album. You can be yourself in its company. Another good heavy metal album to add to the collection. Anders Ekdahl

DONNIE VIE “Wrapped About My Little Finger”

“Wrapped About My Little Finger”
I’m the first to admit that there were moments when I like Enuff Z’nuff’s stuff but they were few and far away. So a solo album by Donnie Vie might not get my blood pumping but hey I’ll give everything a try once. This is hardrock in the classic way. Very melody/guitar driven in a Van Halen kinda way. The stuff American bands do so very well. I don’t miss the hair band days but some of the music these bands produced was good even to my ears. I could even handle the sappy ballads. Donnie Vie as a solo artist isn’t too bad. There is enough good stuff on this album to appeal to you out there that feel That Nickelback and its ilk have taken over too much of the rock radio. Lend this an ear instead and you get a well deserved ear wash. Hardrock the way it used to sound like is way better than any Nickelback any day of the week. Anders Ekdahl

UDO – “Celebrator”

UDO – “Celebrator” 2CD (AFM Records)

Wow, legendary ex Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider reaches retirement age this month and what better way to celebrate it than with a double album titled “Celebrator”! With a combination of 25 unreleased tracks, B-sides, bonus and rare tracks “Celebrator” is exactly what it sez it is – commemorating the man’s career from his early days with the Raven cover of ‘Born To Be Wild’ to ‘They Only Come Out At Night’ with Lordi. There are also some interesting takes on classic songs like the piano version of ‘Balls To The World’ and an orchestral version of ‘Tears Of A Clown’ where we get to hear different, softer sides to UDO’s voice as well as a dance collaboration with Russian techno act Faktor 2 on ‘Platchet Soldat’. But for me, it’s hearing Mr Dirkschneider giving Mr Halford a true run for his money on ‘Metal Gods’ that makes me wonder how good this would’ve sounded onstage as a duet – happy birthday Mr UDO!