Vinterblot – “Nether Collapse”

Vinterblot – “Nether Collapse” (Rising Records)

Wow these guys sound just like Amon Amarth from those hoarse, gutteral vocals to the whirring Viking riffola and Nordic melody on songs like ‘Upon A Reign Of Ashes’, ‘Whispers To The Headless’, and ‘As Sleipnir Rides’ – hell, one of the guitarists is even called Fjorgynn. So bloody what I hear you ask? Well, Vinterblot are actually Italian! Indeed, that may not actually matter (nor should it – Ed) given the excellent quality of musicianship and songs on this debut produced by a collaboration of seasoned metallers, and to be fair, they do call themselves a pagan death band, so if you’re still confused about cultural heritage, ask yourself (or the European Union – Ed) the question: could a Swede sell primo pizza in Italy LOL.


You might have heard of Morbid Angel but maybe don’t know too much about MIKE BROWNING and what he’s been up to since he left Morbid Angel all those years ago. Here you’ll get all the necessary info to check out this man’s work. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading


Somehow I got confused and thought that INSULT are black metal when in fact they are death metal. Make no mistake of thinking otherwise. With an album out on Daemon Worship there was a need for an interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading


There is something about Swedish black metal that strikes a chord in me. So whenever I find a new Swedish black metal I must know everything there is to know about them. Hopefully you too will get to know more about LIKBLEK. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

CONFESSION “The long Way Home”

“The Long Way Home”
(LifeForce Records)
I can’t say that I can identify with the hardcore aesthetic of young men with no shirts on. That to me is way too much testosterone. I can on the other hand indentify with the bleak and no future/no hope picture that many hardcore acts paint. I can emphasize with the feeling of being trapped in the treadmill, just going round and never getting anywhere forward. Continue reading


“Stab Me”
(Funeral Rain)
It took me a while to get accustomed to Legion Of Crows’ slow and very dragging metal. This is in no way doom metal while still being very slow. I could stretch as far as calling it black metal because there is that feeling to it. Come to think of it there are elements of doom metal too. Despite not being able to really put my finger on this I’ve come to like it in a way that might be unhealthy. Continue reading

LUCIFYRE “The Calling Depths”

“The Calling Depths”
My only previous encounter with Lucifyre was a 7” released on Blood Harvest. I liked that one and couldn’t wait for a full length album to be released. And here it is now. And I like it just as much as I liked that 7”. There is something to British Lucifyre’s death metal that appeals tremendously to me. I can’t really put my finger on it. Continue reading


“The Blood Dance”
(Concreto/Personal Records)
I love doom metal. There is something so appealing to it that I can’t ward of all the emotions that come rushing towards me when I’m subjected to a really good doom album. It triggers emotions in me that I usually don’t weather out. It is almost cathartic in a cleansing way listening to sad and sorrowful music. I love My Dying Bride. Continue reading

MISGUIDED AGGRESSION “Flood The Common Ground”

“Flood The Common Ground”
(Year Of The Sun Records)
With a name like Misguided Aggression you kind of get a mental picture of what to expect musically. I kinda expected the most extreme thrash metal assault ever. That wasn’t what I got. I honestly don’t know what to make of this album. To my ears this is some kind of amalgamation of metal and hardcore that doesn’t sit quite right with me. Continue reading