Judging by the name Electric Mary ain’t a black metal band. This gotta be more hardrock in the tradition of Hanoi Rocks, Gun’n’Roses or even AC/DC. Pretty basic and simple hardrock to party to. Music that I don’t seek out actively yet have no problem enjoying should I come upon it. With one foot in the blues and the other in the 70s Electric Mary feels like they’ve been born in the wrong era. This is more the thing I got to hear in the 80s when bands like Trash or Baltimore or Sweden’s Six Feet Under played on my turn table. Continue reading

HATRED EMBRACED “Suffering Of The Holy”

“Suffering Of The Holy”
That this is released on a limited edition cassette and most probably is sold out by now shouldn’t put you off looking for it. This is what tape trading back in the days was all about. You heard of a guy who had this or that hard to get demo. You sent him a tape, he duplicated the original and all of a sudden two guys had that hard to find demo. Hatred Embraced have a classic death metal sound going for them. Continue reading


Turkish metal is not something you get as often as Turkish Pepper but once you get it you can bet it’s as hot as anything other Turkish. Kirmizi might sing in Turkish but can Rammstein win over the world singing in German then there should be no problems with singing in Turkish. I gotta admit that there is a certain ring to the Turkish language that I haven’t thought about before. Kirmizi has a modern metal touch to their music. Continue reading

77 “High Decibels”

“High Decibels”
The name 77 doesn’t really tell you much about the music that this band plays. Judging by the cover this could be a Hellacopters wannabe or an AC/DC boogie woogie band. While it’s the latter that rings the most true this actually brought back memories of the great old British band Spider. Continue reading

SERPENTCULT “Raised By Wolves”

“Raised By Wolves”
Serpentcult aren’t totally new to me. I’ve heard their debut album bit missed out on the one that followed only to re-acquaint myself with the band for this new one. Ever since I heard Candlemass’ epic debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” I’ve been in love with doom metal. There is something special to doom metal that appeals to me on in more ways than humanly possible. Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City – “The Album”

Batman: Arkham City
“The Album”
(Sony Music)

‘Batman: Arkham City—The Album’ is the official soundtrack album of the highly anticipated game ”Batman: Arkham City’, fast touted to become THE best console game EVER. Fittingly, Sony have assembled 12 diverse artistes from Serj Tankian to Coheed & Cambria to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to create brand new tracks exclusive to this unique collection of songs. Most of all, the tracks reflect the genuine interpretation each artist has of Batman – from Serj’s dar brooding acoustic of ‘Total Paranoia’ to witch rock of +++ Crosses (the side project of Deftones vox Chino Moreno) ‘The Years’ to the baroque punk pop of ‘Mercenary’ by Panic At The Disco. Clearly there are going to be some tracks that will have some people wondering what the hell they are doing on a Batman soundtrack – but that’s just it, Batman himself has had many comic and film interpretations over the decades and elicited the same reactions. Arkham City – “The Album” is no exception although it’s reasonable to say that at least in this case, everyone involved is a fan of the man.

Soley Mourning – “Zaire”

Soley Mourning
(Saltdog Records)

Despite their seemingly dark name and equally exotic album title, these lot are nothing to do with Toto, but are hard rockers from the Black Country (that’s Birmingham not Biafra LOL). What all the fuss is about though, is that from tracks like ‘Groundhog Saturday’, ‘Double Drop’ and ‘Way Down Low’ is that they alternate between the light hearted blues rock of the Black Crowes and the heavy funky groove of Zepp – and they do it pretty damn good too! Right from the go, “Zaire” has a smokin’ choogin’ rhythm that is guaranteed to move that body (especially a chicks) and its done it all across Europe quite a few times given this is the band’s 3rd album no less. All in all, “Zaire” has a feel good factor that is hard to beat right now and certainly what Europe needs from the real blues.

Dreamcatcher – “Soul Freedom”

“Soul Freedom”
(Rising Records)

Quite a surprise this one – a new prog / symphonic band from the northern English city of Leeds no less! Taking inspirational elements from the likes of Dream Theatre, Kamelot or Nightwish, Dreamcatcher have formed their own multi layered style incorporating the full range of instruments but thanks to Jacob Hansen’s production (and guest vocals on ‘Take Hold’) are always to the fore in the mix and in harmony! What really works is that songs like ‘The Eyes Of One’ and the aptly titled ‘Never Look Back’ always seems to be on the go even in the quieter pieces, propelled by the band’s positive energy. It’s clearly worked, as Dreamcatcher have managed to harness, in addition to Hansen, the talent of Gustavo Sazes who has handled artwork for Angra, Arch Enemy and Firewind, showing a band that is not only going places, but taking everyone with them along their journey.

Cheerleader – “Vegas Or Bust”

“Vegas Or Bust”
(Angry Shark Records)

Unashamed Amerophiles, these Swedes have certainly made an impression having just landed the support slot on Warrior Soul’s recent UK tour purely on the basis of this rock out debut! Originally called ‘The Shit’, this 8 legged rock machine where formed when Supragod guitarist Joan Vieru hooked up with the Elk brothers and drummer Andreas Westerland. Fast forward and having morphed into Cheerleader, “Vegas Or Bust” was penned and released, catching the eye of ex Supragoder Rille Lundell, now a member of Warrior Soul, and there you have it folks, 9 tracks of pure swanky rock in the groove of the Foo Fighters, Hellacopters and yes, even a hint of the ol’ GnR swagger on songs like ‘Arrange’, ‘Wherever You May Be’ and the thumping anthemic ‘Dead End Town’. Deffo not girlie but give ’em a chance and you’ll be cheering too!

Soul Healer – “Kings Of Bullet Alley”

Soul Healer
“Kings Of Bullet Alley”

Soul Healer….? Bloody hell, these guys could sear your soul at 50 yards! Kick ass rock n roll metal is the best way to describe these 5 Finns!! Vocalist Jori Karki has one of these definitive gravelly vocals, whilst guitarists Sami and Teemu alternate between soothing and smacking you with their chugging riffs and clear n proud melodies. The rhythm? Don’t even ask, with the rest of the band stonking Teemu and Timo on bass n drums respectively are galloping like an reindeer on heat LOL! Don’t be expecting any model looks, make up or keyboards as there’s no mystery behind Soul Healer, just a bunch of friends who started and carried on doing what they love best: rocking out unashamedly – and that’s exactly what “Kings Of Bullet Alley” is – 11 tracks that hit dead center every time!