Myland “Light Of A New Day”

“Light Of A New Day”
(Point Music)
Italian Myland might be on their third album but it’s my first meeting with the band. I might not get to hear that much hardrock today as I did back in the 80s but there’s still a special place in my heart for a good hardrock album any day of the week. Continue reading

Nociceptor “Among Insects”

“Among Insects”
I can appreciate technical advanced metal, even though I don’t play a single instrument. Dream Theater’s intricate tempo changes and notes per minute metal has always been a favourite. I like Atheist techno death metal and I find Fear Factory’s technical induced metal fascinating. Continue reading

Goodbye Jersey – “Entertain Me!”

Goodbye Jersey
“Entertain Me!”
(Long Beach Records)

Despite having an East Coast name this lot are from Hamburg and have a jovial sense of humour labeling themselves “…mellodick bjugel pank..” which is close to the Cally style ska skate punk pop that they play, resplendent with horns, poppy melodies and teenage aggression! Continue reading