Злурад (aka Zlurad ) ” Во благо злу”

Злурад (aka Zlurad )
” Во благо злу”
(addicted label)
I often seem to return to John Zorn’s Naked City whenever something comes my way that I don’t fully understand. Not that I am the greatest fan of John Zorn, but because that is by far the weirdest stuff I have ever heard, beside Painkiller. Until know. Злурад is by far the weirdest i have heard in a very long while. I don’t even know how to describe this, other than pure fucking noise. They seem to have no boundaries or even self-control. Try imagining grindcore meeting free form jazz meeting noisecore meeting pure chaos and you might get a picture on paper what this sounds like. Hearing it is so much more. I have no fucking clue as to how to grade this. some part of me want to give this a minus 5 but another part of me want to give it a weak 3 for effort. I think I’ll just leave this one a blank one. I don’t even know if I am any better off having heard this. Anders Ekdahl

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