Обрій (OBRIJ) ” Олтар Утопії (Altar of Utopia)”

Обрій (OBRIJ)
” Олтар Утопії (Altar of Utopia)”

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This is a release that I was asked to review. I find it really cool that bands send me stuff asking me to review because that means that I am doing something right with my reviews even though at times it doesn’t feel that way. Groove metal is not something that I am that well schooled in. But whenever I do get in touch with it I more often than not like what I hear. For a very long time I had issues with metal that was slow but not doom but with age I have come to like the slower, heavier metal that isn’t doom. But in the case of OBRIJ there is a doom element to their metal. Which begs the question what to call this. The vocals are anything but doom and the music is quite aggressive but it is still doomy as hell. Whatever. I do know that I like this. Anders Ekdahl

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