Поезд Родина / Funeral Tears – “ Frozen Tranquility#

Поезд Родина / Funeral Tears –
“ Frozen Tranquility# [split
(Symbol Of Domination Prod.)
FUNERAL TEARS has a name that invokes images of early Paradise Lost-ian proportions. You know the kind of doomy melancholic death-ish metal that bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Anathema used to play. I can’t even begin to pronounce the other band’s name. This is dreamy and deathlike at the same time. There is an air of melancholy to this that I like. For some reason I find it comforting to listen to stuff like this that is upbeat and happy. I like it when there is an edge of sorrow to the sound. So this is my kinda metal. Anders Ekdahl

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