Стахановцы ”Ниже ада уголь есть”

”Ниже ада уголь есть”

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Don’t make me pronounce the band name because that is impossible without help. A Stakhanovite (стахановец) in Soviet iconography is basically an over achiever, somebody that goes that extra mile to do the job. If you mine 100 tons of coal, I’ll mine 101 tons. How that translates in the music of Стахановцы I have no idea but this is basically thrash metal mixed with a ton of different styles. Or at least a couple of different styles. I gotta say that I really like what I hear. There is an aggressive side to this that mixed with the greyness of the former East makes for a really cool combo. You might think that all this would make for a hard to listen to album but the truth is the opposite. This one is easy to listen to. You don’t have to think too much when you listen to it. Just pure fucking metal thrashing. Anders Ekdahl

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