10 YEARS ”(How To Live) As Ghosts”

”(How To Live) As Ghosts”

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This band has apparently made some sort of come back with this album. To me they are totally unknown. Which is kinda a wonder as I think that I would have liked them back then based on what I have read about their music. But as we say in Sweden; “sent ska syndaren vakna”. I is better to discover them late than never at all. But it is strange how a band can pass you by totally undetected yet they are big as fuck to so many people. And listening to this new album I realize that this is a band that I would have liked from the first time I heard them. So it is with that sadness knowing that I have missed out on them that I listen to this new album. But fortunately this is good enough to put a smile back on my face. I kinda expected this to be grungy in a Soundgarden/Pearl Jam kinda way but this is so much darker/harder than that. Much more bluesy than I had expected. But still cool as fuck. Anders Ekdahl

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