Hellbent For Cooking – “The Heavy Metal Cookbook”

Hellbent For Cooking
“The Heavy Metal Cookbook”

We metalheads might be brutal and thundering across the tundra but we still gotta eat. Despite Cannibal Corpse lyrics, not that many of us actually like munching on rotten flesh chock full of squirming maggots so Ms. Annick Giroux formely of Canadian Morbid Tales ‘Zine has contacted a bunch of true metal bands to find out what fuels all their unholy power. Turns out – it’s a lotta good food!

Inside this full color softcover culinary grimoire you’ll find 101 recipes from bands as diverse as: Trouble, Zemial, Mayhem, Death SS, Exciter, Doro Pesche, Udo, Root, Dissection, Gwar, Obituary, Sepultura, Anvil, Rotting Christ, Uriah Heep, Masters Hammer, Witchfynde, Gorgoroth, Budgie, Necromantia, Blasphemy, Tankard, Destruction, Xibalba, Tygers of Pan Tang…  and many many more.

I always applaud creative efforts and this book definitely is a one of a kind – it’s also actually just what I needed. As someone who is new to cooking “real food” and not just living off of 10 cent Ramen packets and one dollar frozen pizzas anymore I needed to learn more than the 5 or 6 dishes I know how to prepare. Each recipe gets a write up on the left hand side with photo of the finished dish on the right with short bio of the band who submitted the recipe, some entries have band images as well.

The book is divided into the following categories (I have listed a sample recipe from each):

Appetizers and Sides
AUTOPSY Mummified Jalapeno Bacon Bombs

SIGH Habanero Gyudon

THIN LIZZY Black Rose Jambalaya

NECROMANTIA Youvetsi Hellfire



AMEBIX Amebix Prawn Bisque

KREATOR Vegan Oatmeal Burgers

POSSESSED Strawberry Jell-O prezel Salad Cake

NUCLEAR ASSAULT Parrot bay Coconut Rum and Punch

Since the bands are international so are the dishes, you’ll get a chance to sample a number of flavors if you eat your way through the book, I plan to!

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