SARACEN “Marilyn”

(Escape Music)
There has been many great movie starlettes on the big screen over the years; Greta Garbo, Pam Grier; Bo Derek but none as mythical and mysterious as Marilyn Monroe. So why not write a whole album about her. But how do you match Marilyn Monroe’s beauty musically? I don’t know but Saracen seems fit to do so. I seem to remember Saracen from the 80s NWOBHM scene and I can hear traces of bands like Saxon in their music but mostly this is hardrock with a symphonic edge. With guest performances from Robin Beck and Issa plus FM’s frontman Steve Overland to give this album an added edge Saracen have at least tried to match the beauty and mystic of Marilyn Monroe. While I like this album I wouldn’t hesitate had I been forced to choose. I’d take Marilyn in the flesh over “Marilyn” on record. Seeing as that won’t happen any day soon I have to settle for the album. Anders Ekdahl

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