14 North – “What Is The Feeling”

14 North – “What Is The Feeling” (Pavement Entertainment)
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If your heart still pines for the kicking but deep n tender tones of Paw, Puddle Of Mudd and Creed, then 14 North have it in bunches on this amazing debut! Following in the footsteps of the Florida greats and clearly on a mission to bring back the grassroots spirit of grunge, “What Is The Feeling” is a passionate, red blooded slab of all American hard rock mixed with alt rock and post grunge on 10 huge, grabbing tracks courtesy of the studio talents of Damien Starkey (Puddle of Mudd, Burn Season, Society Red). Formed in guitarist Zach Arcuri’s garage on 14th Ave N in Jacksonville, which is where the band’s name comes from, 14 North have already shared the stage with some amazing local and national acts such as Tantric, Eve to Adam, Danny Warsnop of Asking Alexandria, Janet Gardner, Bottleneck, and Brett Myers. And fired up to bring their message to the people, “What Is The Feeling” does that through and through in flowing abundance! As the thick rolling grooves of ‘Sun Burns Out’ warm you in their embrace brilliantly, Brandon Williams’s laid back and soulful vocals go straight to your heart before the massively passionate chorus utterly shatters it with pure emotion while still giving you something to air punch to thanks to Arcuri’s powerful guitar. Hammering in on ‘Now I Rise’, the rhyming lyrics and slick kick beats from Josh Brown just sweep you offa your feet before another huge arena decimating chorus smashes into your eardrums while totally possessing you to rock out – yeah! Even more intense is closer ‘Hate Me’ with its almost epic riffs heavily crashing in as Williams laid back drawl of ‘…hate me, break me, never can erase me…’ just swirls around your head along with Arcuri’s pure rock guitar work. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to ignore, let aloneforget what’s going on here as “What Is The Feeling” totally accomplishes its mission!
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