Lionville “s/t”

(Avenue Of Allies)
Lionville would like to introduce me to Westcoast rock by way of Genoa, Italy. I like southern boogie (Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special) but Westcoast rock, not so much. I haven’t spent too much time listening to AOR/Westcoast to really go either way in my final judgment. Westcoast rock makes me think of movies like “St Elmo’s Fire” etc. Pictures that were big in the 80s and always seemed to feature music that was borderline hardrock. Whenever I hear that music today it makes me think of easier, more innocent times. Lionville too bring back that feeling of teenage rebellion light that these movies often provided. This is hopeful music with promises of an easier time. Very American in its nature it still works for a band coming from Genoa, Italy. This is music to drive off into the sunset to start a new life. Anders Ekdahl

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