Hackneyed “Carnival Cadavre”

“Carnival Cadavre”
(LifeForce Records)
Hackneyed is one of these bands that I for some reason actively have stayed away from. Probably more based on what I’ve read about them than actually not liking their death metal. Having released two album on Nuclear Blast, “Carnival Cadavre” sees the band switching labels to LifeForce. As I haven’t cared for Hackneyed before I have nothing to compare them to. For me this could be their first album. Having heard them for the first time I have no idea why I haven’t checked them out before. There’s is nothing about their death metal that wouldn’t have suited me. This is heavy and brutal the way death metal should be. With enough added extras this turned out to be much better than I had ever expected. I might even check out their previous albums too. Anders Ekdahl

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