-(16)- “Lifespan Of A Moth”


-(16)- “Lifespan Of A Moth” (Relapse Records)

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Veritable West Coast legends, -(16)- have over the years been compared as SoCal’s equivalents to their more widely known NOLA counterparts in Crowbar and Eyehategod. There are no doubt comparisons given the trademark heavy down tuned riffs played through reverberating guitars and deep, roaring vocals on ‘The Morphinist’, aptly titled given the band’s widely known addiction issues that have plagued pretty much all the 14 members that have been in the band at one time or another! However, there’s also a punk attitude that goes right back through their 25 year existence to their debut in 1993 on PusHead’s Bacteria Sour label probably inspired by the likes of Black Flag and Agnostic Front, so expect plenty of hardcore influenced vocals from crazed frontman Chris Jerue, along with some skanking riffs from long time buddy Bobby Ferry on ‘The Absolute Center Of A Pitch Black Heart’. Lyrically as deep and profoundly reflective of Jerue’s out of control lifestyle that has seen him go through rehab, anger management, physical pain, bankruptcy and divorce on the likes of ‘Pastor In A Coma’, there’s still a surprisingly upbeat vibe to songs like the monster heavy 7 minute epic closer ‘George’, showing that this 7th self produced album, not mention -(16)- themselves are not dwelling on depression or past failures, but rather getting up each time they’re beaten down to rise up stronger than ever before.

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