Judging by the name Electric Mary ain’t a black metal band. This gotta be more hardrock in the tradition of Hanoi Rocks, Gun’n’Roses or even AC/DC. Pretty basic and simple hardrock to party to. Music that I don’t seek out actively yet have no problem enjoying should I come upon it. With one foot in the blues and the other in the 70s Electric Mary feels like they’ve been born in the wrong era. This is more the thing I got to hear in the 80s when bands like Trash or Baltimore or Sweden’s Six Feet Under played on my turn table. Not something that I’ve been in touch with over the last 30 years. In the right mood and frame of mind I can appreciate this for what it is. Bluesy hardrock can be a revelation done the right way. There is the slight possibility that Electric Mary might spin more than twice in my CD-player. I like this enough to give it one and a half thumb up. Anders Ekdahl

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