2 WOLVES “Men Of Honour”

“Men Of Honour”
2 Wolves sounds like it could be anything from goth to death metal. I like wolves as animals. There is something very cool about them that strike a chord in me. Hopefully 2 Wolves will do so too. I got a good feeling about this album being just what I need right now. If the intro is anything to go by this will be an album that will challenge Amon Amarth to the Viking throne. I can’t start telling you how much I love Amon Amarth. 2 WOLVES has some of that groove that AA has going but instead of utilizing it to its fullest 2 WOLVES have decided to intersperse the groove with some clean singing parts that in my opinion hinders more than it adds to the music. Had they instead gone full out on the groove thin this album could have taken on heavenly proportions. As it is no it just shows promise. Too bad they had to break it up with that clean singing. Anders Ekdahl

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