THE BECKONING “Demystifying The Oracle”

“Demystifying The Oracle”
There is nothing like being blown away by a new acquaintance on the first encounter. Finding new bands you’ve never heard of is the biggest blast with this job. I came upon Canadian The Beckoning courtesy of Facebook. I saw a message from the band posted on Facebook and I sent them a note and now I’m reviewing their record. Listening to “Demystifying The Oracle” makes me a times think that this is the extreme metal equivalent to Queensrÿche’s “Operation: Mindcrime”. It’s just as complex structure wise as that classic Queensrÿche album. I like how The Beckoning twist and turn and how they challenge my mind to follow. I just wish that I could have this album on CD because I know very well where to put it in my collection. I’m going to treasure this well. Anders Ekdahl

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