Stahlmann – “Quecksilber”

Stahlmann – “Quecksilber” (AFM Records)

If industrial / dance beats sung with a distinct Germanic baritone voice is your thang, then look no further than Stahlmann. Even the name sounds like the deal! Representing the next wave of ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’ pioneered by the likes of Kraftwerk, Die Krupps and Rammstein, it’s a style based on an underlying philosophy all too familiar to Stahlmann: ‘…we follow the mechanics of everyday life and run commands as if we were robots. Only at night, we awake to life and immerse ourselves in a world that is going on in the clubs…’. To that extent, Stahlmann have gone for a more danceable feel this time round to bring some soul into the machine, creating a more accessible and palatable experience with less overwhelming and bludgeoning beats, as well as a better mix of all the instruments including metallic guitar on the Theatre Of Tragedy like ‘Diener’, the futuristic neo of ‘Tanzmaschine’ and the dark, anthemic rock of ‘Am Grundle’. It pretty much works, although this is still by no means club material – not unless its some underground goth / alt fetish club in Berlin or the Slimelight in London LOL!

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