2nd SIGHT “Samsara”

(Kernkraftritter Records)

Battle Helm Rating

2nd SIGHT are supposedly deeply rooted in in the 80s metal tradition. If that is so, you’ll hear no complaints from me. I am a huge 80s metal fan. Mainly because I was around back then to let it shape my taste in metal. 2nd SIGHT does have that 80s vibe to their music but to say that it is like being back in time is not fair on either the band or the bands from that era. This is one of these albums that proves that good metal is timeless. It doesn’t matter if it was med in 1984 or in 2019/20. This album is so full of cool melodies and songs you which you could sing along to. All in all, this one turned out to be a cool release. Anders Ekdahl

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