3 – “The Ghost You Gave to Me”

“The Ghost You Gave to Me”
(Metal Blade Records)

It seems almost fitting that 3 were formed in Woodstock back in the 90s. In so many ways they encompass the hippy offshoots of rock from prog to psychedelia to power pop to modern alternative rock – hell, I’m sure I also heard some Spanish guitar chucked in there somewhere too LOL! However, in all cases their material is superbly written, structured and executed. And its effective is quite mesmerizing: uplifting thru its Jellyfish like harmonies like on ‘React’, yet punchy like early Rush bass n synth rhythms on ‘It’s Alive’ and thumping power rock of ‘Numbers’ – no featherlight touch coming from heavyweight drummer Gartdrumm (yep, thas his name folks)! I guess if I were to sum up 3, it would be their incredible array of styles and sounds that can be found in the 12 tracks making up “The Ghost You Gave to Me”, although there is a natural dynamic inherent in each of them, leaving an uncontrived yet memorable impression every time.

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