VORE “Gravehammer”

Vore as a band name is familiar to me that I want to think that I’ve heard their music prior to receiving this album and looking through my collection I found their “Lord Of Storms” album from 2001. Ten years later I rekindle my friendship with the band on their fourth album “Gravehammer”. They must be doing something right as this new album ended up high on amazon.com’s mp3 download chart for black metal. To be honest with you I don’t remember too much about that one and only album I’ve heard. I’ve tried thinking back to that very review I did of it but with no luck remembering anything. I hope that this new album will leave a better lasting memory. This proved to be so much better than I could ever imagine. This is death metal the heavier side of heavy. Like if Pantera had gone all out death metal. Just to give you a picture of how heavy this is. I like it. Now I gotta go check out that 2001 album again. Anders Ekdahl

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