YUGAL “Chaos & harmony”

“Chaos & harmony”

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French death metal can be at times a hard nut to swallow because it has in the past been rather stubbornly own in sound. But as new people come into the scene the sound changes and now you’ll find all kinds of death metal in France. I gotta say that I rather fancy that odd, very distinctive French death metal sound of bands like Loudblast or Mercyless. So if you like your death metal a bit off and not so A to B then you are going to like this. Not as math metal as Meshuggah but still odd enough for you to stop doing the dishes and sit down and listen carefully. This is some heavy shit. It reminds a bit of early Sepultura (“Schizophrenia” to “Arise”) in all its heaviness. This one is a real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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