Unearth – “Darkness In The Light”

“Darkness In The Light”
(Metal Blade)

Wow, this is a mightily impressive album indeed – talk about a band coming of age! Clearly downing heaps of m&m’s i.e. metalcore and melodic death, Unearth throw in the extra ‘m’ of Maiden to create an unbelievable mix of sounds that is invigorating and inspiring while at the same time not being plagiarist in it’s style. Most of all, it’s got an amazing energy and I don’t mean raw power but more spiritual energy or belief in the 11 songs like the poignant ‘Last Wish’, the anthemic ‘Coming Of The Dark’ and melodic bliss of ‘Shadows Of The Light’. Yeah, there musta been a lotta thinking and brooding before Trevor Phipps & co got down to penning this one, but its time well spent cos this is undoubtedly the modern metalcore album of the year so far bar none!

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