DETHRONE THE SOVEREIGN “Harbringers Of Pestilence”

“Harbingers of Pestilence”

Battle Helm Rating

I am not a big fan of metalcore or any other form of plus core but I am no worse than I can change if I am convinced that it is any good. And since I have already interviewed DETHRONE THE SOVEREIGN I a have kinda given them my stamp of approval. So this review is basically just a confirmation of me liking the band’s music. I will not say that if you like Meshuggah this is for you but you might be interested in this. At times my mind slips into that Dillinger Escape Plan mode too but that is because this is both extreme as well as technical. So if you like your music a brainercise you really should check this one out. If you are easily inclined for migraine you should stay the hell away, unless you want your brain to explode. Anders Ekdahl

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