REVENGE PREVAILS “False Hope Cruelty”

“False Hope Cruelty”

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I gotta say that at first I thought I had put on the wrong album when this one started to play. It didn’t sound anything like I had imagined it would. But then I realized that I had confused this Uddevalla band with a Gothenburg band that I was live last year in Gothenburg. Now that I got my head straight on again I can start to dissect this one properly. Musically this is black death metal, or perhaps the other way round. It is like a mix of Death and Dark Funeral with a dash of horror. Listen to this is like being part of a drama. There is so much going on in it that you have to concentrate really hard to not miss anything. So if you have a hard time to focus on just one thing this will not e for you. But if you like your black death metal on the more dramatic side then this is for you. And me. Anders Ekdahl

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