42 Decibel – “Hard Rock n Roll”

42 Decibel – “Hard Rock n Roll” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Bon Scott lives! Well, the ghost of him does at least according to vocalist / guitarist Junior Figueroa, who also thinks he’s Angus Young lol. Actually it’s not a bad package if only these blokes (well actually they’re just lads) came from Down Under. Except 42 Decibel are from Argentina. Still, if you can get over that then these guys sound remarkably close to Scott era AC/DC especially in Figueroa’s voice, which is a dead ringer for the late but still legendary Bon. Add to this Billy Bob Rile’s slide guitar work and it’s an irresistible addition along the lines of Rose Tattoo that has all the blues based, smoke filled bar room atmosphere definitive of Aussie pub rock. If you’re a fan of AC/DC’s early material like ‘TNT’ and ‘Dirty Deeds…’ then the likes of ‘Long Legged Woman’, ‘Rocker Soul’ and the aptly titled ‘Gimme A Drink’ should bring back all the memories and a hearty smile that Bon is doing just that as he looks down (or up – Ed) contented that his spirit lives on in 42 Decibel.

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