CULT OF EXTICNTION “Black Nuclear Magick Attack”

“Black Nuclear Magick Attack”
(Sentient Ruins Laboratories)

Battle Helm Rating

This is CULT OF EXTINCTION’s debut demo. 133 minutes of unrelenting deathrashgrind. If you like that sorta thing you might want to grab a copy of this tape. I know that I like what I hear. This is heavy and dark. There is an almost cloaked feeling to the sound of this. Like they are playing behind a curtain or something. Not that it takes away anything from this recording. In fact, it adds to it. This is pure extreme death indulgence. You don’t listen to this if you like melodeath or want any clean singing. This is pure unadulterated death excess. A really cool debut that promises much more for the future to come. Anders Ekdahl

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