STICKY BOYS “This is Rock’N’Roll”

“This Is Rock’N’Roll
I don’t know if the people at Listenable have had an AC/DC epiphany but lately they seem to have gone overkill on the bluesy hardrock that AC/DC are synonymous with. Bands like ’77, My Dynamite and now Sticky Boys are proof of that. I’ve never been a big fan of AC/DC although I do appreciated the band’s 70s collection. Sticky Boys makes me think of bands like British Spider or Sweden’s Trash. Bands that had AC/DC to thank for all. Sticky Boys even sound like AC/DC to my ears. Don’t know if that is right up my alley. It feels like I’ve moved along and that I don’t really need another band that sounds like AC/DC, no matter how good they are. Anders Ekdahl

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