5 STAR GRAVE “Drug Store Hell”

“Drug Store Hell”
With a name like 5 Star Grave this could be anything. I actually don’t know what to make of this album. Do they want to be the next Sonic Syndicate or are they aiming at some sort of thrash’n’roll. All I can think of is that the Misfits have gone crazy on thrash and glam. Not the stuff I usually get going on but I gotta admit that there is something to the crazy, sped up version of what White Zombie used to do that appeals to me. It feels like this stuff is all over the place, sometime like a rockabilly act tripping on the worst kind of drugs. I gotta say that I enjoyed this more than I actually thought I’d do. It is filled with short sharp shocks of songs that makes you want to dance like crazy, even if you don’t usually dance. Still can’t shake the feeling of this being a strange hybrid of Swedish melodeath overdosing on rocka/psychobilly. Anders Ekdahl

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