LUCID DREAMING “The Chronicles Part III”

“The Chronicles Part III”
(STF Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I knew that the name LUCID DREAMING was familiar to me. Back in 2013 I reviewed that Part 1 album. I also did an interview in early 2014. I was totally blown away by that album back in 2013. I don’t know if I have it stored digitally somewhere but based on my review I gotta check it out again. Now it is 2020 and I sit here with a new LUCID DREAMING album. Will I be as blown away this time as the last time? As the last time this is a concept album full of guest musicians. With nine different vocalists you get the versatility of some of the greatest voices in metal today. If you like metal operas and great theatrical arrangements then this is one worth checking out. This is grandeur of the higher school. The base is classic power metal but it is built upon to resemble nothing you’ve heard before. I still like this but perhaps not as much as I did with that first album. Anders Ekdahl

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