“God And Beast”
(Metal Blast Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have to admit that I had forgotten that there used to be a band called The Helheim Society and that I had a cd of theirs. But that was made abundant when I received this CD from BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD. With a line-up full of Norwegian extreme metal names these are not your boy room kids playing extreme metal. I somehow expected this to be much more black than it is. Instead I get an album full of metal that is death in vibe. To me this sounds like a mix of Six Feet Under, Asphyx and Bolt Thrower. And it is the latter this reminds me the most of. And a s huge, massive fan of Bolt Thrower this one fits like a glove. There is such a cool groove to this that I find it really hard to resist it. From the word go they had me captivated. There is something about this that screams familiarity. It is like being reacquainted with a long lost friend. This one I really like. Anders Ekdahl

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