5R6 ”Islands”

(Robust Fellow)

Battle Helm Rating

I have no idea how to read this band’s name. Or what it means. But you sure don’t forget once you’ve seen it. Just for the fact that it stands out. Grunge is often blamed for killing all the good music in the 90s but I actually liked a whole host of grunge bands. I even like some of the post-grunge bands that have come up. 5R6 manages to combine both stoner and grunge into something that sounds interesting. What I like about stoner is that there most often is a groove that you can hang your emotions on. 5R6 has a groove going on but it is a bit heavier and therefore a bit harder to hang on to but if you like your stoner a bit doomier as well as spacey then this could be for you. Anders Ekdahl

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