DeadfalL “New Light”

“New Light”
Not that Djent-word again. From never having heard of it to not being able to escape it, it seems to be everywhere. DeadfalL might not have vocals but they sure make up for it by being just as heavy and progressive as any other band that fits the djent description. I have don’t really have any problem with instrumental music. Still, I can’t say that I am that great a consumer of it. With no vocals you have to focus on other things and it is these other things that make up for the absence of vocals. Listen closely and you’ll notice all the different layers of guitars. At times it is like a whole orchestra of guitar players. All these different layers make for a joyful trip into the inner regions of your psyche. Lay back, close your eyes and let DeadfalL take you on a journey you’ll remember for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

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