69 CHAMBERS “Torque”

OK, so 69 Chambers features Tommy Vetterli of Coroner fame but that is as far as that goes. Perhaps as a sales pitch it might work but seeing a Coroner was highly underrated when they were active in the 80s I don’t think too many of today’s metal fans even know of him. No, 69 Chambers charm lies in the songs. I thought that this was going to be some sort of weak pop metal but I was so badly mistaken that I actually dropped my jaw when I heard the first note. This is as hard as the hardest death metal acts. The only thing that stops it from being a total meltdown is the female vocals that add some beauty to the sound. Other than that this is as dirty and raw as it gets. It is a welcomed break to hear a female voice that isn’t gothified. This is metal as metal should be. No fancy about with slick opera sticks or any other pretty garniture. Just plain in your face metal. Anders Ekdahl

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