7 HORNS 7 EYES “Throes Of Absulution”

“Throes Of Absulution”
For some strange reason I got this band’s origin confused. Instead of placing them in Seattle I transported them across the border to Vancouver. Now that I’ve been corrected on my mistake I remember that they are Americans and from the home of one of the greatest metal bands all time; Sanctuary. 7Horns7Eyes are nowhere near power metal. This is death metal in the more doomy/atmospheric school. Think old school My Dying Bride and you’ll get a picture of just how doomy. Think Novembers Doom and you get the melancholic side to this. All in all a pretty great piece of death metal from this Seattle based band. I am a sucker for this kind of death metal (too). I get started on the melancholy. I like the gloom’n’doom that 7Horns7Eyes bring forth. Well worth checking out if this kind of death tickles your fancy. Anders Ekdahl

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