77 “High Decibels”

“High Decibels”
The name 77 doesn’t really tell you much about the music that this band plays. Judging by the cover this could be a Hellacopters wannabe or an AC/DC boogie woogie band. While it’s the latter that rings the most true this actually brought back memories of the great old British band Spider. There’s that same hard rock’n’roll feel to “High Decibel” that they had going for themselves. That apart “High Decibel” sound like a missing cousin to early AC/DC like “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” or “High Voltage”. It is strange how people never seem to tire of that old AC/DC sound. While not being the greatest AC/DC fan I can appreciate those old albums. Which is pretty much why I can listen to 77’s “High Decibel” without tiring. Not my cup of tea/whisky but totally tolerable. Anders Ekdahl

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