7HORNS7EYES “Convalescence”

I’m slowly by slowly getting used to this whole digital only download thingamajig. I still take a physical product over a digital 9 times out of ten but when no other options are given I have to settle for the digital. 7Horns/7Eyes’ “Convalescence” should/could be seen as a taster for an album to come later (in physical form too). This death metal troupe is totally new to me. For a long time I had major issues with mid-tempo death metal but with age I’ve come to appreciate it. 7Horns7Eyes’ mid-tempo death metal appeals to me on many different levels. There’s the melodies, the almost symphonic approach and the aggression that is death metal. As a three track taster this works like a charm. Can’t wait to hear a full album. Anders Ekdahl

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