Sentinel CD
(Stellar Auditorium)

Much of Spectral Lore’s output on this CD seems to built on the one string black metal foundation with keyboards and lots of reverb over the top. The music contains a mountain of tempo and time changes  but perhaps due to the wild smattering of riffing through each song,  none of the tracks on Sentinel really stands out as memorable or “catchy”.  The band is able to create a “spectral”  atmosphere in the slower sections which is pretty good but these parts also suffer from being too short or too varied. The last two tracks of this six track CD are basically dark ambient. Overall some of their riffing is quite good in the metal parts, I guess for me there isn’t enough subtle repetition to become a hook and get me into the groove of their songs.  There’s a level where technical riffing and cramming as much into one song as you can just becomes a chaotic mess (with keyboards and reverb thrown over the top) and this album has reached that level for me.

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