A DYING PLANET “Facing The Incurable”

”Facing The Incurable”

Battle Helm Rating

I often wonder why people chose to play the stuff the that they play. Why would anybody want to play progressive metal when you can play plain, simple metal? But then along comes an album that kinda answers my question. Because it is so bloody beautiful music is the answer. I have no idea who the Troy and Jasun Tipton brothers are but together with drummer Marco Bica and bassist Brian Hart they have created an album that is so full of texture that you kinda forget that a band like Dream Theater exists. I have a rather on/off relationship with progressive metal but whenever an album like this comes along my way the relationship is most definitely on. This is the joy of having an open metalmind, that I can take in all that is beautiful and enjoy it to the fullest. Anders Ekdahl

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