A.H.P. “Forakt, Hat og Död”

”Forakt, hat og Död”
(Avantgarde Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway. Nothing revolutionary about that. But it mustn’t be revolutionary to be good. A.H.P. are proof of that. And this is good. There is something to this that I cannot really put my finger on but as I listen to it I get flashes of having heard something similar to this before. But no matter what it is that I cannot think of this has an industrial feeling to it, a monotonous groove. Add to that some melody and you get a black metal sound that if not totally new, at least feels fresh. This is just a two track EP, but you get value for your money with this one. Clocking in at just under 32 minutes this is one long EP. Anders Ekdahl

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