A Life Divided – “The Great Escape”

A Life Divided – “The Great Escape” (AFM Records)

A Life Divided are an electro rock band from Germany that certainly lighter than the likes of say, Eisbrecher and at times could almost be pop. JP’s vocals, although low, are certainly not as baritone as other Neue Deutsche Härte bands and the strong syn element is almost 80s Alphaville style! As such, songs like ‘Clouds Of Glass’, ‘Wait For Me’ and ‘Goodbye’ have a very smooth and commercial feel to them – perfect for that music video or the dance floor lol – and make A Life Divided possibly the most daring venture AFM have signed? Still, the material does have dark / emo overtones and the band do occasionally kick it hard like on ‘Foreign Bodies’ where the barrage of guitar noise could raise a flicker in Page Hamilton’s eyebrow – until the pop harmonies creep in lol. Deffo one to take a punt on especially for those whose tastes move in ever wider mellowing circles….

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