A LONG WAY TO FALL “Hatemosphere”

(Rockaine Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I know that it gets old very quickly but I feel so old when I hear any of these modern metal bands. I have no idea where they are coming from and where they want to go. I feel no connection to them. But as I start to dissect them I realize that most of them are just metal bands and that the emperor’s clothing shouldn’t matter. And it is there I start with this band; they are a metal band. I have been trying to get into this whole modern metal thingamajig by listening to Asking Alexandria and Escape the Fate and for most of the time… I do get what they are doing. A LONG WAY TO FALL are more metal, even hardcore-ish, than these two acts are. It is still modern. But I like it. There is a bite to this that appeals to me. Even though it gets a bit repetitive with this whole clean/growl mix in all songs. But I am getting there to where I can stand it and accept it. Two thumbs up. Anders Ekdahl

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